calling all floridians

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  1. I was just about to say " never mind, I found out.." but you beat me to it. :D
    Why don't ya IM me or something crazy like that..?
  2. Miami, but might be going to Tallahassee soon.
  3. I'm from Tusca.....oh...wait this isn't one of our 374837249827983729 threads :jester:
  4. damn accountants :nonono:
  5. quick to forsake our roots are we :nonono:
  6. Ft. Myers and Orlando!!!!!

    See all you guys on the 18th at Hooters and the 19th in New Symrna.

    MMORL Rules!!!!!!:nice:

    :flag: God Bless Our Troops and their Families!:flag:
  7. Which hooters are you talking about and is this a MMORL meeting?
  8. i believe its the hooters near waterford lakes. and its not just a meeting, its for their 1 year anniversary:nice:
  9. Well in that case I will have to break out the big gun and bring the convertible up there. Its been a really long time since I was at an MMORL event and I have done a good amount of work to the vert since then.
  10. I thought I smelled something come in...


    See ya'll on the 18th/19th!
  11. Panama City
  12. Hahahaha, I came down there this past weeknd. To Daytona, that is. What a HUGE mistake that was! There was 4 white people there on vacation, me and 3 of my friends. It was Black College Reuion. Everything was closed, so we bailed on our room and went to Orlando. Much more enjoyable.
  13. awwww that sucks!
    I live here and stayed away from beachside for that reason. You should have said something so I could have warned you. :shrug:
  14. You should have come to Melbourne , man!
    Melbourne is the bomb...

    ...not really. Melboring is what it should be called..
  15. Ha, well, sexystang, I talked to you on the IM and you never said anything. We stayed at Oceanside. That's right in the epicenter! We had a great time though, just left town when wanted to party.
  16. I'm from West Palm. What is that, 3 of us now? :D

  17. whoops... I don't know everyone's screen name on aol. Sorry about that. Can I make it up to ya? :jester:
  18. Newly to Naples here. Looking for people to hang with once in a while. Post up and see if we can meet.
  19. I'm from cocoa. South of Titusville, North of Melbourne West of the Cape (NASA), East of orlando. :jester: