calling all floridians

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  1. is anybody goin to the show in titusville? i beleive its on the 20th or sunthin
  2. Deltona here- I know theres gotta be some more Deltona guys around, I see a bunch of stangs around town!
  3. yeah, melbourne is boring, but the beaches are no where near as crowded, and look just as good:nice:

  4. Another one from Orlando checking in! :cool:

    All you Central FL peoples ought to come out to Sonics on University Drive tomorrow night - Modern Mustangs of Orlando will be gathering there. Meet us and check out what we are about! Plus, we have a couple of fun events coming up this month. ;)
  5. ol' gimpy will be out thursday night. At least I can get around on crutches better than before. I am planning on going to the hooter's meet on the 18th but probably won't go to the beach. wheelchairs and crutches don't really mix with sand.

    Got an appointment with the doctor on the 14th of April to see the other doctor that is going to be opening up my knee. After that they are going to schedule the surgery and cut my knee open. For those of you who don't know I dropped 1500 lbs of drywall on my knee and almost completely destroyed it. Now I get the fun of reconstruction and then even more fun with rehabilitation.

    So come out Thursday and give me some sympathy.:D ;)

    Pappy you gonna be out thursday?
  6. That'salotta drywall! God speed healing. I've two family members who've undergone major knee surgery and they both said recovery is painful for the 1st 6 weeks, during rehab. Stock up on the pain killers! :jester:
  7. :nice: Sure gonna try bud I should be bringing a new member:nice:

  8. i plan on being there:nice:
  9. Fort Lauderdale Here!!

    Davie actually. We need to get some people together like TCH Racing here in south florida. Anyone a member of TCH here? I'd like to hook up at Towers one of these weeks with some of you guys. Too much rice down here....gotta get my stang fix!!!
  10. Re: Fort Lauderdale Here!!

    I'm a member :D
  11. Yeah that was a lot of drywall. 13 sheets of 4' x 12' drywall. I am just waiting now. can't wait for it to be all done.
  12. Palm Beach-Boca Raton between Ft. Lauderdale and W. Palm

    Do we have more people on here than the Bama Mafia?
  13. The Bama WHA fia? WTF is that?

    I didn't know 13 sheets weighed that much! I was unfortunate enough to have to move 67 of them late last year... UP two flights of stairs!!! Yes I was tired, dang it.. :D I did have another person with me, at least..
  14. hey i just got an idea.....since everybody from alabama has the bama bout the florida malitia or something to that effect
  15. being Florida it should be the Stang Cartel, malitia would be like Oklahoma :uzi: :uzi: :rlaugh:
  16. lol..
    This idea has already been thought of, then disgarded.
    We all had this huge debate, made a poll, and nothing stuck, so we just decided to stay with the whole "nameless" thing.
    Bama said us Floridians kinda had a good thing going with the whole "nameless" thing. I dunno.. but yea, been there, done that, got the shirt.. :spot:
  17. Re: Fort Lauderdale Here!!

    Plantation here, also a member of TCH.

    Ill be out at Towers tomorrow night if you wanna come out.
  18. what shirt
    i wanna shirt:D

  19. Dat's gonna cost joo tree-fiddy, homey.
  20. Why cant we start or own cartel???:damnit:Jacksonville checking in here.....Florida:stick:Alabama