calling all floridians

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  1. Info... 4 lug?

    I'm about to need a set of 5 lug wheels and sell my 4 lug Convo Pro's.
  2. i have a set !

    i have a set of 16 waffles or 17 tri bars to
  3. this thread kinda died, but hey theres a cruise in ever second friday on mainstreet near the harley shop in daytona
  4. hey my old thread's back, but i think thweres only one preson in here that gets that............

    but yeah, tampa here, look out for a '93 black GT clone soon to be the home of a 351W
  5. What? No turbo 2.3??:shrug: ;)
  6. Let me know when your ready to sell them, I'm definietly interested. I've been looking for a used set for a while now. I have some cheap Prime 5 stars I've wanting to get rid of for awhile and didn't want Drag lites cause every one has them. What size are they?

    I'm in Ft. Myers, so I can easily be in West Palm in 2 hours or meet you half way or something.

    Just a reminder to all who might have forgotten:

    Modern Mustangs of Orlando is having their 1 year anniversery get together Friday night at the Hooters at Waterford Lakes in East Orlando at 7:30 pm.

    Also we will be having our beach day cruise to New Symrna Beach Sat morning, leaving from the Altamonte Mall parking lot at 8:30 am and driving to Chases's on the beach to hang out for the day.

    E-mail me for more information.
  8. I got them because everyone else had Drag Lites... Etc.

    I could probably meet you in Clewiston. Donno when I'll be ready just yet, but I'm close.

    The rears are 8.5's and the fronts are 6"
  9. Clearwater checkin in here....... my first post on this site, great site btw..:cheers:

    anybody else from around my way? my coupe will be done in like a few days, need some more stangs to hang with around here, im gettin outnumbered...later:D
  10. sup no 2.3T i bought one and the block was cracked so i scrapped it.....and the 351 went out the windo because my budget woulkdnt cover it and the rebuild

    but new news, i may be the owner of a 94-95 GT in the upcoming months, no details yet, but ill keep yall posted
  11. hey welcome to the site notchfive0:nice:
  12. Re: REMINDER!

    hey, i would meet you at new smyrna, but i gotta be at work at 12:00:(, wish i could be there
  13. fivepoint, Clewiston would be no problem for me. Definitly let me know.

  14. Re: Re: REMINDER!

    Sorry you can't make it, its going to be a good time. We will probably do another before the summer is out, I'll let everyone know how this one went.
  15. Sounds good.
  16. Re: Re: Re: REMINDER!

    ya gotta take picks and post em:nice:
  17. Anyone from the stuart, Martin county area? if so, know of any shows in our area?
  18. anyone around me I am in Fort walton Beach.
  19. Ft Myers....

    another one checking in from Ft Myers...
    there really isnt that many stangs around here compared to the rice......and it sucks
  20. hey the big show in titusville is this weekend is anyone goin? its $30 to register your car ill probably be there most likely