!!!Calling All Lowered Stangs!!!

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  1. I'm desperately needing some info's so if you can help, please respond.

    Tomorrow, I'm thinking about buying 2" lowering springs from a company on ebay known as "Suspension Max." Has anyone bought from them? They have a really good rating, so I'm not worried about gettin ripped off. I would like anyone with SpringTech or Sprint lowering springs to post on how the springs are and if they are satisfied.

    Some additional info I need: Will I need a camber kit lowering my car 2"? Will I need new struts? Will I be able to fit 18" with the 2 inch drop?

    Any info is GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks
  2. Heck I'm not sure on all that stuff you asked but I think you will need a BumpSteer kit to bring the tie rods back to proper geometery. They usualy run 100.00 on ebay give or take a few bux. Once you itall them you should get a alignment but if your doing the C/C Plates do it all first before you get a alignment :D It will save you money and trips to the alignment shop.
  3. If you don't have aftermarket shocks/struts, then yes you'll need new ones. Caster/Camber plates are a good idea for anything over 1.5" so yes. And yes, 18" wheels will fit fine unless your tire is like 6" thick ;)
  4. I'm kinda new on the SN95 stuff, but wouldn't he need a BumpSteer kit also on anything over 1.5"?
  5. I would recommend for shocks and struts the Tokicos out of the Mach 1's. They sale them on a bunch of site.

    They give good stiffness and they are very good quality
  6. if you want the best out there and you want a 2" drop (which is far to much and you will soon find out why fi you do it) then go with h&r dont buy some off brand off ebay you are only asking for trouble, and you get what you pay for..... do it right the first time and buy H&R from www.maximummotorsports (the best in suspention for mustangs as far as i am concerned) with a 2 inch drop you wont even be able to get teh car on a lift to raise it up :) i have a 1.3 drop and run into issues and some scraping problem as it is..... if you go 2 inches you will also need a cc kit from maximummotorsports to correct the alignment thats really all you need it would be good to get a new endlink for the sway bar and all that but its not needed heck even cc plates are not needed but your tires will get eat up if you dont, with only a 1.4 drop~ you wont need cc plates 80% of the time.
  7. SpringTechs and STs are total crap, that's why you can get em on ebay for something like 60 dollas. They probably havea super low spring rate, or are just cut springs. They are not worth the money.