Calling All Vortech Mustangs! Need Help

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  1. I've been trying to install my v2 for almost a month now piece by piece (I am no mechanic by any standard) and I've run into so many problems. I figured the knowledgeable people here could shed some valuable insight on this problem. My most recent one is that the blower itself is mounted on the bracket like shown in the maual but the volute intake doesnt face the right direction. If installed now it would be facing almost vertical vs horizontal. I will attatch pictures...any insight? have I gone wrong/ what is the deal???

    thanks in advance guys

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  2. Give more info about the car and also are you have the right setup for said vehicle.
  3. sorry....2001 4.6 2v gt. I believe's a v2 non intercooled kit made for the 1996-2004 mustangs
  4. There isn't 1 mounting bracket for all 99-04 GT's. 99-01 had a different timing cover and needs its own bracket. 02-04's have their own timing cover requiring a different mounting bracket as well.

    You might have the wrong year bracket. Where did you buy the kit?
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  5. Thanks for the reply's. Got all the kit accessories on was strapped for cash so I had to do it this way. 99% sure I bought the correct equipment, I just re-checked the item online and it is for 00-04's. It's possible that since the instructions are made for v1-v3 superchargers, the one displayed is simply a different blower (hopefully)
  6. You need to loosen the bolts that surround the volute and rotate it until it is clocked correctly. This is a very simple fix. Take the blower out of the brackets, loosen all the volute hold downs enough to spin the volute. reinstall the blower. Clock the volute until it aligns where is needs to be and tighten the hold down bolts you can reach. Remove the head unit to tighten the rest and your off to the races. Easy fix, don't worry about loosening these bolts as you won't be able to do any damage to the unit with any of this as it is a very common adjustment to make.
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  7. thanks 84ttop very helpful... I thought for sure there was something fundamentally wrong with the unit and I was screwed lol. I have since clocked it left about 45 degrees and all is well. Much appreciated to all of you!
  8. I didn't pay close enough attention to the pics like I should have. On 2nd notice, that looks exactly to be the issue Should be an easy fix. Strange that they would send a unit like that.