Calling Mad Mike

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  1. The $4,600 price without the computer and support wiring may put most of us off. Too much $$$
  2. :eek: engine pron
  3. I agree, I will never do it. Especially since they havent figured out the cam timing part of it yet. Plus, for that money I will get a TVS blower. I just thought it looks bad ass, and like something Mike would like if he would get his crazy assed self online to check it out.
  4. Mike's too busy assembling his paint booth... got a car to paint, you know...
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  5. If you like ITBs, this place called has 'em for all sorts of things. This one is for a Windsor:

  6. Nahh I'm still here,....trying to learn stuff about my new "all sofisticated and s hit" engine. The SVT section here is so unused, I had to go elsewhere. I tried to post my usual rant in the SW,..but I'm not comfortable there, and nobody really cares there anyway....(do those people still live w/ their parents)?:rolleyes:

    The dedicated forums are a wealth of info,..and what you learn about the capabilities of the car as it comes stock is just mind boggling. The problem is they don't tolerate Noobs very well,..especially since all you have to do is google any question you can think of and end it with "for a 2003 cobra" and a buttload of thread references pop up.

    As for buying the red car back,..and spending another bazillion dollars to make it an even more obscure one of a kind car W/ an Inglese injected 5.0,..I'll think I'll pass. That is one project too far off to even dream about owning again.

    Guess I'll just have to settle for having just another new edge belly button w/ 500 whp that uses 93 octane as a daily driver:nonono:
  7. Cryin' shame.
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  8. This looks awesome, I would poke those out of the hood of a fox in a heartbeat.
  9. Ohh there's no doubt the look would be awesome,.....but nothing like the look you'll get from your wife when she see's how much you spent on it.
  10. Valid.