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  1. Well as you all know, I snatched the motor out of my car to inspect what I thought was some major damage. Turns out that I had a couple of bad lifters. While the engine has been out, I thought it would be a good idea to do a minor rebuild/repaint of the bottom end. Everything is pretty much put together but I have a dilemma. I have two TF cams, one stage one and one stage two. I'm really not set on using either one and also have thought of going custom but then I'd still have two cams sitting around. The motor is a 306 with AFR 165 heads and a V3 that will be sitting off the side of it. What should you guys thing I do?
  2. Stock pistons or have they been changed at some point?
  3. They are forged summit special flat top with reliefs
  4. Get a custom cam and sell the TF cams if you don't want to use either of them.
  5. 3/4 race cam

    full race is just too much.

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  6. I didn't know this was the IROC forum.

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  7. If you have the PTV clearance I would go with the TFS2. especially with the blower. You will want to check the springs to make sure they are adequate as you will be near .550 with that cam.
  8. If you're looking to max out I vote custom. If not use what you got. Stage 1 is very streetable and safe the extra $$ for a tune.??
  9. I had the TFS1 in with no problems but just had a TFS2 sitting around. My gut says get a custom FTI from Ed Curtis but is 340 bucks justifiable?
  10. I had the TFS1 in with no problems but just had a TFS2 sitting around. My gut says get a custom FTI from Ed Curtis but is 340 bucks justifiable? Numbers mean nothing to me. I want a streetable combo that I won't have to worry about. I know I will be pushing some good numbers with the V3 and my combo but 5 or 10 hp's won't kill me
  11. What, you just thought about extra stuff you didn't say in your first post, and created an entirely new reply 3 minutes later, just to be sure what needed to be said gets said?

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  12. It will be more than $340. My FTI was $415 by the time it made it to my door, plus the $300 spring kit he requires you to use. Then you will definitely need pushrods, there's another $120. If you don't need every last bit of performance, stick the TFS 1 in there. The blower will make up for a lot of the performance.

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  13. Dag... I didn't realize I messed up the edit. Too much Whiskey last night I guess!!!

    Well that makes more than sense to me. Thats almost a thousand bucks right there! I'll stick my cam that I already have in there right now and keep on pushin!
  14. Normally i like a custom cam. Most builds i see stay at the HCI level for a while, so the extra power is useful if it takes years to get a supercharger.
    BUT, since you have a vortech, not sure it really matters.
    You can get a E cam (example) and stage1 to block splitting power so i just don't see the point in the custom cam and spring change.
  15. Agreed
  16. I'm with RangerJoe, I would stick with the TFS1 cam. I think it will work better with the blower. The Stage 2 starts getting out of blower territory with the overlap. Plus you don't know what the springs are rated for.

  17. That damned Compuserve! :fuss: They ASSURED me that they'd taken them all down before the internet happened. :bang:
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  18. Can you explain this portion? I am FAR from someone who could recommend a cam and it's because I don't know much about them.
  19. You guys are the chit!!! Thank you guys for clearing up any doubt in my mind!