cam experience

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 93cobra12, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. Ok, I need some help on deciding which type of cam i should run in my engine..
    forged eternals
    SRS light weight pistons
    9.1 compression
    185 AFR heads
    1.7 r.r
    s trim supercharger 3.33 pulley ( T trim coming soon, 15-20 psi )
    Anderson p.p.
    tfs track heat intake
    75mm accufab throttle body
    75 pro-m caliberated for 42lb injectors
    42 lb injectors
    373 gears

    Now i've been searching for a while, currently i have a crower 15512 in my 302 which i blew last week, but i want a custom blowre cam, looked at anderson cams, comp cams, bennett custom cams, ed curtis cams.. Im running the S trim right now and later down the road i want to upgrade to a T trim, put some real boost into this engine...Need some help fellas.. which cam do you guys think i should run with?? Thanks !!
  2. We have no cam experts in this stangnet ??
  3. Its just that when you give someone advice all the dam experts do come in and say that, the cam you recomended is no good.

    I just stay shut.

    But i'd run a f cam. Nice cam cheap sounds mean as hell.
    I'll get the job done.
  4. If I were to go and buy a cam today, I would go with a custom comp cams, or an AFM.

    Just curious, do you run a stock block?