1. i have a 1995 Cobra with stock heads and pistons are there any cams that i can just slide in without having to change anything else or notch the piston heads out for valve relief? i was thinking possibly the e303? any of you guys care to enlighten me? is this possible or no?
  2. There is no cam, IMO, that you should swap in without using better valve springs.
    The stock cam will even do better with upgraded springs.
    Beyond that though, there are plenty of cams that can go in without changing much in the engine.
    The E-cam is not the way to go, especially on an SN95 car. My son has one in his 94, and it's not impressive beyond the sound.

    Comp has several choices you could look into.
  3. When I talked to Comp about the shortcomings of our E-cam, they said the 35-351-8 is their version of what an E-cam should have been.
    It's much more aggressive on the ramps, but the specs are softer overall so it gets along with the ECM better.
    SN 95 ECMs especially don't like the E-cam.
  4. I'm not really familiar with the problems of the SN95 ECU. But, if you have a 95 Cobra with the GT40 heads and 1.7RR, then I would look at the Anderson Ford Motorsports N21 cam. I have the N41 cam, which derives .512 lift with a 1.6RR. The N21 is the exact same camshaft, except it derives the same .512 lift with the stock 1.7RR found on Cobras. They do suggest, or require, rear gears to help the cam get in the power band or help drivability. I really like the cam and it makes good power. It sounds great too! Like Ratio411 said, new springs are going to be needed. TFS sells a spring kit for around $150. There are plenty of other cams too. The TFS Stage 1 is another good option, they can be found used for a $100. Also, comp cams has a vast array of cams, depending on what your needs are.

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsOmqvuhwKk

    I would never recommend a cam based on sound, but that is a link to a short sound clip I made one morning leaving work. It sounded really good to me, so I took a quick video in the dark.