Engine Cam installation lubericant

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  1. I had a new set of heads set up for my 351w and purchaced a new cam. The guy at the machine shop had to install the valve springs twice for me because after he had originally done them, I told him that I would be running a .520+ lift cam. When I picked up the heads he told me to make sure I use a good assembly lube for the cam implying to me that these springs will wipe it out the cam lobes if I dont. The cam is just a Hydrolic flat tappet Lunati w/.541 lift. Do you guys think I need to get a "special" assembly lube or should the stuff that came with the cam kit be alright? What would you use if not what came with the cam? I have used a graphite type lube in the past, (dark gray and pasty) and I've seen these Edelbrock cams come with some red syrup lube that I imagine would run off the cam and be sitting in the oil pan before I could ever get the engine running. I do not want to disintegrate my new cam on the 20 minute break in run.
  2. For all the cams I have ever installed (going back into the '70s), I have always used the supplied lubricant plus a can of Engine Oil Supplement (EOS) from your local GM dealer. With the new oils, you need to use one of the SEMA type oils that has the ZDDP additive or buy a container of this additive bto add to your oil. After your 20-30 minute break-in, change the oil and filter has it will have becoime plugged by now with all the additives in the mix.

    Oh, and don't forget to pre-lube!
  3. What do you have for valve springs? If the pressures are too high you can wipe the cam easily. I've seen the inners removed for break in on dual spring setups and light break in springs used for single spring setups. You cam manufacturer will usually have a recommendation on spring pressure at break in.
  4. Correct! With high pressure springs, it is very common to break the cam in with a lighter valve spring load.
  5. I'll have to go out to the shop and open up that cam box and see what it says.