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Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by baker2956, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. Hey guys. Ok so now I might be going w/ a 302 roller block. Ive got a few more questions now though. Ok so I was thinking I might just go w/ the $800 engine kit from CHP( you can check it out here... ) Then I was thinking about putting in one of these Competition Cams...
    ( )
    XE268H (part#31-242-3)
    RPM: 1600-5800
    Lift: Int-.512 Exh- .509

    XE262H (part# 31-238-3)
    RPM: 1300-5600
    Lift: Int- .493 Exh- .500

    Hydraulic Roller
    281HR (part# 31-432-8)
    RPM- 2000-5500
    Lift: Int- .512 Exh- .512

    (this next one was for a 5.0 1982-1995)
    XE270HR (part# 35-351-8)
    Rpm: 1800-5800
    Lift: Int- .512 Exh- .512

    Now besides that I plan on putting in the following:
    -Weiand Stealth intake (*have already)
    -Edelbrock 600cfm Carb w/ electric choke (*have already)
    -Edelbrock Performer Fuel pump (*have already)
    -MSD Ignition
    -AFR-165 Heads
    -Hedman LongTube Headers
    -2.5" H-Pipe
    -Flowmaster Mufflers
    -2200 RPM over stock stall converter(w/ the stock C-4)
    -3:55 gears
    -will be upgrading suspension, brakes and cooling system as well

    Im planning on making this a daily driver car w/ good torque and around 350HP give or take. Any of those cams look good? If not can you think of a better one? How about the plan of attack on the rest of the car? Should I be getting a high volume oil pump or will a standard do? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.