Cam Recommendations - Comp Xe270hr-12?

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  1. I am getting ready to rebuild my motor, and would like to hear some cam recommendations for my built.
    I would like to stick with the 1.7 roller rockers for right now...

    91' Mustang LX-Hatch (no smog or a/c)
    302 (stock bottom end)
    GT40 Intake
    GT40 Heads
    Crane 1.7 Roller Rockers
    Crane Beehive Springs
    Trick Flow 70mm Throttle Body
    Cobra 70mm MAF
    24lb Injectors
    255lph Fuel Pump
    MAC Long Tube Headers
    MAC H-Pipe
    MAC Pro Dumps
    Griffin Aluminum Radiator
    MSD Ignition
    SR Cold Air Intake
    Taurus Electric Fan
    T5 with King Cobra Clutch

    FRPP Aluminum Drive Shaft
    FRPP 3.73 Gears
    FRPP 31 Spline Trac Lok
    Moser 31 Spline Axles
    UPR Upper & Lower Control Arms
    UPR Subframe Connectors

    I am leaning towards the Comp XE270HR-12 cam (.544 lift), but was wondering if it might be too much cam for my build?

    Any feedback is appreciated...
  2. Stock bottom end including pistons?
    Can you find a dual pattern cam? I mean the high duration on the exhaust will help.
    People will tell you that the cam will be to big on here. The only way to really find out is to throw it in and see.
    Do you have the stock cam in it now?
    I think it might be a little big if you have stock compression. There's a guy on here trying to sell some KB dome pistons for 120 with the rods. It would be a pretty good investment for a big cam.
  3. O o me I'm selling some KB pistons!
  4. The 270hr is a good cam,..or the nx264 35-552-8(I know its a n20 grind but I find they are very efficient and work well on na combos)

    Have the heads been milled at all? Was the block decked?

    If you decide to go COMP let me know I'll save you some money ;)

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  5. Yea stock bottom end & pistons as far as I know...

    Yea I have the stock cam in it now...

    The block has not been decked, and the heads have not been milled that I know of. They came off of a 93' Cobra...
  6. I stick with my recommendations ...your still hovering at around 9:1 compression.

    You'll need some valve springs with any of the cams you have listed however to be safe. Let me know when your ready I'll set you up with everything you need.

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  7. For your engine combo the XE270HR-12 is good but the XE264HR-12 is better.
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  8. ^^^^^ and mill the heads 30/1000 with a ported upper/lower intake----->Saweeeeet spot!!!!