Engine Cam Specs For 408 Windsor

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  1. Need some advice on cam for a 408 windsor. Below is what I'm looking at.

    • Lift: .579"/.579"
    • Duration: 286°/300°
    • Lobe Separation Angle: 114°
  2. What's the duration @.050? Is that a roller cam? What's the specs of the engine? Ie compression ratio,heads,etc need a little more info
  3. ya sorry I guess i left a bunch out.

    it is at .050 lift roller cam
    9.5 :1 compression
    RHS 180cc iron heads 1.60/2.02 vlaves
    42lb injectors
  4. its almost like you want to build a nice healthy turbo motor, but then decided not to. that is too much cam in my opinion if the duration numbers are .050 numbers. also the lobe separation angle is far too much you need closer to 110 degrees imo, especially if this is going to be a street or strip engine.
  5. Are you sure that's the duration @.050 or is that the advertised duration? If you haven't bought a cam yet I highly recommend going to one of the custom cam guys and get a custom grind done. I've heard great things about Ed Curtis @ FlowTechInductions.com or call the cam company's and get their recommendations. If that truly is the duration @.050 with that lobe seperation it's not a good match IMO.

    Also your heads are borderline small for a 408. They are more suited for a 302 based engine. They could produce descent torque but really going to choke that motor in the top end
  6. the cam that he is looking is going to choke the top end also. its a bad overall combination imo.
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  7. Thanks for the replies guys. I will look for a better match Correction on the heads...they are 200cc RHS iron heads.
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  8. what are your plans for this engine?
  9. Mostly Street driven with a trip to the stripe once or twice a summer. Some light boost possibly.
  10. then i think you will find that this cam with the 200cc runner heads would be more to your liking;


    since this was designed for the 351w, and you are adding 56ci, it will tame the cam lope somewhat making it more streetable, thats the nice thing about adding cubes, and yet still make plenty of power where you want it to be.
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  11. thanks for the suggestion.... let me throw something else out there...

    This 408 will be replacing my 347 in my 93 GT and will be EFI
  12. What's your question? It's fairly straight forward. I do recommend a standalone EFI system for maximum tunability. You will need a different hood for clearance more than likely. If you think you're going to eventually throw boost at it I recommend the tfs r box intake. If staying n/a I like the carb style EFI intakes like edelbrock'a super Vic or Vic jr. Then you can either throw a 4150 style throttle body or you can run an intake elbow with a traditional 90mm accu fab or equivalent. I still highly suggest calling one of the cam manufacturers for their recommendation on cam,valvetrain,etc setups
  13. Thanks for the advice A5literman
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  14. I agree with this cam selection far more than the one originally posted. 110 centerline is a must N/A IMO
  15. thanks i did choose it based on what i think he wants.