Engine Cam suggestion? HELP!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by zZsKyZz, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. I am going to be swapping in a 83 351w in to my 94 mustang convertible and need a suggestion for a cam. I would like to purchase an off-the-shelf cam instead of going through the trouble of a custom ground cam.

    I will be keeping it as a flat-tappet, so keep that in mine.

    Here are the mods that will be going in along with it:
    -Edelbrock performer intake upper/lower [Ported/Polished to match heads]
    -Stock heads [Ported and polished to match intake]
    -Ford racing oil pan
    -Underdrive pullies
    -75mm throttle body
    -4cyl foxbody T5 [Car was originally an AODE. Will be switching to a normal T5 after this one blows up, gears are too short]
    -4.10 rear gears [going to probably be lowering these so I don't run out of RPMs]
    -68mm turbo [Boost Brothers Kit]
    -Custom meth injection
    -Magnaflow 2.5" exhaust
    -42# Injectors
    -255lph fuel pump
    -Moates Quarterhorse
    -28oz balancer
    -28oz flywheel
    -King Cobra clutch
    -adjustable clutch cable
    -Ford racing quadrant
    -Removed AC/Smog

    Okay, I know the heads are going to limit me, but I'm out of money right now. I'm hoping to make most of the power with the turbo at about 12psi. I'm hoping to reach 5-600rwhp with this setup and low 11's/high 10's.
  2. You are gonna reach the return lane via 4 wheeler and a rope with a 4 cyl or a V8 T5 behind a Windsor. That low first gear of the 4cyl with a 4:10 is gonna be fun for about a day. You have a really mismatched combo IMO. The only one who should pick that cam should be the cam manufacturer. Call one. Honest.
  3. +1. You're going to get much better advice from a cam manufacturer than you are going to get on a forum. Internet advice is free, and you get what you pay for most of the time.

  4. +2. You have/will invest all your time and effort on the project, don't skimp on the cam. Research, research, research.