Cam Swap Help..

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  1. Hey guys I currently doing a cam swap on my 03 GT and I'm curious is too if I Actually HAVE to degree my cams. It's custom grind

    I have lunati Performance cams

    Here's my specs;

    -Lift at valves-
    .550IN .550EX

    -rocker ratio-
    1.800IN 1.800EX

    -Valve adjustment-
    .000IN .000EX

    -duration at .050" tapper lift-
    241IN 245EX

    -advertised duration-
    279IN 283EX

    Lobe separation is 114

    3 advanced

    Any other questions just ask I'm fairly new at modding engines. So please, don't make fun of the noob. Lol

  2. I'm no cam expert. But I can already tell you that everyone on here is going to tell you to degree them. The chances for piston to valve contact are higher if you don't and that means bad new for your entire engine. Plus you will need to degree them to ensure they are putting out the maximum amount of horsepower. You don't want half your engine making less horsepower than the other half. Also don't want to invest money in the project and not get the full potential out of it. My 2 cents. Good luck.

    P.S. Make sure you throw in some good valve springs. That will be the next thing everyone will tell you about doing this project.
  3. I just installed stage 2 patriot heads and comp 262 cams lucky for me they were already assembled and degreed like mattstang04 said its a good idea to degree aside from the power the reliability is comferting go to they have great write ups
  4. Thanks guy! And I have beehive springs .550 lift already install. So thanks for the input! Only reason I asked was that I wasn't entirely sure, and that nobody in my town will degree it for me so. I guess I'm buying a degree kit
  5. If that's not a typo in your .050 durations, then those are HUUGGEE cams, way too big for anything less than an all-out race car. For reference, the equivalent MHS cams are stage 4.5 with the description "Aftermarket Intake, Ported Heads, Notched Pistons, Headers, and Higher Lbs Fuel Injectors are Required. These Cams are designed for Shift Points 7200-7500RPM with Extreme Intakes. Rough to Radical idle."

    Cams of this size HAVE to be degreed in. No offense, but if you have to ask if cams that big have to be degreed in, you may want to rethink tearing your motor apart and installing cams. If you don't have notched pistons, you'll have to retard those cams so much that you'll likely lose power from the intake valve closing so late.
  6. As the others have said, degreeing a cam set on a mod motor is extremely important! If you have the cam phasing off by even a degree from one bank to the other you will have a nightmare on your hands trying to have the car tuned. If the cam phasing is off the injector counts from one side to the other will not be in sync and good luck trying to make that work in your tune up.

    What other mods are done to the car? They do seem like fairly radical cams...
  7. Holy crap, those are huge cams... Go to modularheadshop and read up
  8. Uh.......those cams are going to LOPE at idle haha. That is, if you can get that bad boy to idle at all, those are big duration numbers. I'm having visions of your Pistons being introduced to your Valves and them not getting along.
  9. Lol... Those are going to lope at 1200 rpm
  10. Specs on my Comp 278's are comparable. Upgraded springs AND flycut pistons. That is a bonky cam and I'd highly suggest pistons as well.