Cam Swap Question

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  1. In a SN95 is it even possible to do a Cam swap w/out pulling the motor out? I am unsure if I pull the radiator, fan+shroud out of the way if I can even get the cam out without having to take anything else apart for clearance.

    Also how's the drivability on them Comp Cam - cam's? I currently have an E303 and want something a little more rougher but still with good drivability like my E303 seems to have currently on my car.
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  2. You can pull it without pulling the engine. You have to remove the radiator and move the condenser out of the way.

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  3. Alright so any suggestions on cam's for my current setup (see signature).
    Like I said I have the E303 in their now and would like something a little more aggressive
  4. Call Ed Curtis @ TFI and let him custom grind a cam for you. It will be well worth the extra money IMO.