Cam timing event on XE270HR on a 114 lsa??

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Mike86Stang, Dec 19, 2003.


    Mike :nice:
  2. what are you DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you sell the bumper cover and hood I want my % ;)
  3. I dunno what am doing:)

    I'm thinking of ditching my cam I just want to compare the cam timing events to my current cam to see, what kind of diffrences there are.

    Shoot me a pm....What are YOU doing?lol

  4. My Cam card reads like this:

    Grind # XE270HR-14
    Intake Exhaust
    Valve Adjustment HYD HYD
    Gross Valve Lift .512 .512
    Duration @
    .006 Tappet Lift 270 276
    Valve Timing Open Close
    @ .006 INT: 25 btdc 65 abdc
    EXH: 76 bbdc 20 atdc
    These specs are for cams installed at 110 intake centerline
    Intake Exhaust
    Duration at .050 218 224
    Lobe lift .3210 .3210
    Lobe seperation 114.0

    **Hope this is what you need. I love this cam with my ported heads. Hey, how much you want for that fly cutting tool?? Let me know.
  5. Awesome exactly what I needed.

    Make me an offer on the tool,(in PM's) & we can work it out:)