Cam Timing Question

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Strype, May 18, 2009.

  1. In 10-20 seconds it will bleed down to 10psi and hold there for a bit.

    I retorqued the rocker arms at about 15 lbs for now. I have the correct spark plugs in now and it still wouldn't idle above 500, it shook the whole car, and it required a bit of throttle.

    I got out and looked and just to get it started I had to move the distributor all the way clockwise. I am guessing it's a tooth off, or the fuel pressure is leaning the motor way out.

    I'm going to restab the dizzy and if that doesn't work I'll have to get the fuel rails worked on. I am now thinking it's NOT the rocker arms as my neighbor thought. I'm thinking it's timing and/or fuel pressure.
  2. sounds like a lean condition or the timing is way off. You need to get a fuel pressure gauge on it while the car is running and monitor it.

    There's no such thing as a tooth off. The only reason to mesh the gears differently is if the distributor cannot be adjusted to achieve proper timing due to a physical restriction on the external body of the dizzy.

    Go get a fuel pressure gauge on it.

    What MAF are you running?
  3. Full pressure sounds okay. Mine is very similar.

    What is the fuel pressure while it's running?

    It does sound like the timing is off if you had the dizzy rotated CW all the way.

    +1 with FastDriver. No such thing as a tooth off, UNLESS the dizzy body hits the thermostat housing when trying to set timing.
  4. styrpe do you want me to come get it running for you?
  5. I'm running a stock maf now and 19lb injectors. I took the 24lb combo off. Yea I'm glad you concur. I remember this happening on a 5.0 I had a couple of years ago. I guess the out of time shaking is a bit more violent with a cam.

    It seems to be running around 40psi from what I've heard. I can't get out long enough to look tho. Glad yours is close to it then maybe its the new hardware!

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  6. Uh....can I help too. :shrug: Mmmmmm.........beeeeeer. :drool:
  7. U are in Huntsville? :jaw:

    Well I cranked it over. The timing is close now. I was giddy. Then I looked under the car and a huge puddle of gas was there. I think the fuel is either leaking or coming from the exhaust. Saw some under the intake so I assume it's this BBK SSI.

    Some of the spark plugs are clean, some are sooty black.

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  8. In Huntsville as of 2 months ago. :flag:

    Sucks about the fuel leak. Might have to take a closer look at the BBK.

    How did it sound when running?
  9. Oh I think BBK hasn't heard the FIRST of me let alone the last. Yea I found the fuel leak. And the tech support said to... I am so pissed. I will have to calm down and cross my T's and dot my I's before I make a thread in 5.0 talk.

    I do not want anyone buying one of these $500 intakes. They are flawed and worthless. We are now at 8+ hours trying to fix the same flaw that others have complained about.


    What a P.O.S.

    Luckily I spent the money 3 years ago so I'm a bit over the money shock. Expect a detailed thread with plenty of tags. I'll take the loss. They aren't gonna get on here and sweet talk their way outta this one.

    Wrong guy to sell a crappy product to. By God read my screen name BBK chumps. Yea, you've heard of me. Circa 1999.


    of crap

    I am livid. I'm gonna go get to work and try to keep a middle ground. WOW. What a POS. My buddy works for BMW and has told a few prospective buyers with Integras and Mustangs to shy away due to my plight. He started this a month ago. Tonight I finally broke.
  10. sand the spacer? My god you can't erase a 5mm difference!!!!!!!!!!

    I can put the equal pressure tube inbetween the rails and move it side to side. We JUST NOW NOTICED THAT WE COULD DO THAT! How? I've no idea. You can move it with the bolts fully in the rails and 2 o rings on each side.

    I mean that's not a "Oh okay this is a casting problem."

    This is a "Well Joe Bob said he'd use a ruler to cut the spacers" problem.

    Jesus who uses a press fitting for GASOLINE???????? GASOLINE???? PETROL?????? FUEL?????

    Don't apply to NASA guys.
  11. Ahh a day later and I've calmed down.

    Nope! POS!

    Better inform the stockholders BBK, this is gonna be a down quarter.
  12. Leaking at the cross-over?
  13. Spraying would be a more accurate term.
  14. I'm not a fan of that intake in any way shape or form, but since you spent the money, I'd recommend calling Bryan Rodgers at BBK. If nothing else, he provides great customer service(unlike the drone you prob got on your first call). From what I've seen, he will send you new parts for free to fix your leak.
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  16. So in the event I did call... Would it be possible to edit out the bad stuff I said so that they wouldn't find it so I could said get free parts? :shrug:

    Just throwin that out there... :leaving:
  17. I don't see that you've posted anything that needs to be edited. You are having problems and are annoyed. From looking, he hasn't posted here since 3/5/08.
  18. Had it not been for their mistake it's like this car would have ran 3 weeks ago.
  19. If you want to email him, this is where you should be able to find him
    [email protected]