Cam Timing Question

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Strype, May 18, 2009.

  1. I agree. Like I said, I see nothing wrong with anything you posted. If this guy can get you on the road for free though, that'd be great.

    BTW, it's pouring fuel from the crossover tube, right? You did put the o rings on, right? Also, I read that someone else sealed it up by stacking 2 o rings per side.
  2. I've tried every combo and one of the originals got pinched in half. It just makes little to no sense that it's pressed in between anyway.

    I did email and that's how I got the answer. I'll try again.
  3. Emailed.

    I feel a bit better now. Nothing like ranting to make you feel better :rlaugh:
  4. :nice: If it isn't Bryan Rogers who responds to you, call BBK and ask for him.
  5. They ask the length of the center tube so I sent them a couple of pictures of the tube being measured because its crooked and I can't really measure it.

    That was 4 days ago :shrug:
  6. Call them and start nice, then progressively build up to raising hell..:nice:
  7. :(

    I bought it at a mustang show at Barber Motor Speedway in 2006 from a CJPony booth. :nonono:

    A reciept for a new press fit tube. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Well back to vingar it is.
  8. Did you tell them that?
  9. yep awaiting response. I'm not expecting anything given the past couple of threads I've read regarding this very intake.
  10. Alright then. Don't plan on selling anymore of those bad boys for a while :)

    *cracks knuckles*

    Time to get to writing.
  11. I'm gonna see if CJ Pony has a reciept. I mean that part is my fault, but they should stand behind their product.

    I did in fact buy it brand new if anyone is concerned. Brand spanking new.

    *edits tag*

    Edit for reference:

  12. It's unbelievable that they would demand a receipt when they know they have had issues..
  13. CJ Pony doesn't have one either. At least they looked for me. He said it was because it was a car show.
  14. I can kinda understand BBKs position..... put the gun down Strype... here let me explain.

    Yes they know its an existing issue and they do cover it under warenty. But they need to make sure its not a part they already replaced. See when I worked for a computer chilling company we had a batch of crappy coolers that we replaced for free. We had a couple dicks that worked for us and would steal the bad systems and sell them to people for a super low price and tell the people they just return it to us and they will get the new updated one for free. We exchanged 6 or 7 of them (at $6800 each) before I noticed one I had brought in a few months earlier.

    I know that dont help you out but in the past when I had BBK stuff and had issues they took care of me right away. Once was fuel rails and another time it was a defective (craked) intake pipe. :shrug:

    As for a suggestion on what you should do, stand by for a PM. :nice:
  15. It's like our sergeant told us before one trip into the jungle...


    Fifty of you are leaving on a mission. Twenty-five of you ain't coming back.
  16. Hooold the phone Joe... They said Customer Service will be contacting me. :)
  17. Not trying to add fuel to your fire, but I can't believe that this is still going on. I read this thread a few weeks back.

    Sorry to hear about all this. Receipt or not, they should be willing to take back a faulty BBK part. Maybe its time you provide them with a receipt. wink,wink.
  18. :rlaugh:

    Yea well it's looking a bit more positive I'm waiting to be contacted but I gotta tell you, I don't think the new tube that connects the fuel rails is gonna solve anything. It could be the spacers, the lower intake casting, the holes in the rails, the tube, etc...

    I am very serious when I say that I'm lucky my car didn't get blown up with me in it. Had I not turned it off because I had no one to stand out and time the car... Boom!
  19. Resolved...