Cam Upgrade

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Austin Vaughn, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. I have a 2000 GT standard shift. I am currently working on complete exhaust overhaul. I have purchased LT headers and will get the mid and catback next week. I will also be purchasing a 4.10, new limited slip and CAI and throttle plenum. My car is a DD and I like stop light dragging. The 0/60 thing. I'm not about top-end or 30 to 120 or any of that stuff. I'm also not concerned with the Peak HP gain numbers either. I am looking for a set of cams that will work great in the conditions listed above. This car at the moment will stay N/A with added intake and exhaust flow mentioned above. I also plan to have the stock *Windsor* heads ported, rebuild and maybe sleeved during this upgrade. Also will have the cams pinned sense currently they are pressed on. P.S. I also want the big loping idle of radical cams. =)
  2. The best thing to do is contact the camshaft manufacturers like Comp Cams or TFS and tell them what you want.
  3. Not to start a Hitech debate but i just put in a set of Hitech Stage II cams. Love the heck out of them, great gains and even better idle. With the 4.10's i have they really woke the car up. Going to get on they dyno sometime next week i hope.
  4. The "Hitech debate" I've noticed has come up several times lately. What is the controversy with Hitech? Why do "people" seem to dislike them? I am considering cams myself so I am just curious.
  5. Well, they are a well performing cam but they need to be degreed on install. The debate is that degreeing is unnecessary and they can be dropped it and go, but the tolerances in OE cams are wide enough to cause some catastrophic damage if you're not lucky.
  6. Degree the bigger cams no matter what but you would probably be OK with a stage 1 cam. Decent boast in power but from my view the install is cost prohibitive unless you do it yourself.

    Going with a bigger cam will cause PTV issues without degreeing them or having flycut pistons. Too many people have had it happen for it not to be an issue. My opinion only...the tolerances for stock cammed engines vary widely. You may have an engine that was built exactly to spec and then again you may have one that was built within the tolerance of a stock cam. On one hand you can drop a stage 2 in there and not have an issue while on the other you'll toast a valve.
  7. +1 on Hightech stg. 2's. Just make sure to have them degree'd properly. Also, since you enjoy dragging and whatnot, I would advise skipping the throttle/plenum for some full-length subframe connectors. Subframes are one of the better bang-for-your-buck mods.

    The Hightechs are known to have PTV issues. Its either hit or miss. Chances are that if you get them degreed properly, you shouldn't have any problems.
  8. I'd degree in any cam that isn't stock. Not only can the stock cam gears be off, but the aftermarket cam itself is also not 100%. My MHS cams were 6 degrees retarded from the machine shop. So they needed to be advanced 6 degrees. If you're off that much in the other direction, you can kiss the valves goodbye (pun very, very intended :D)

    That being said, I'd call Nick at Modular Head Shop (MHS). One of the most knowledgeable 4.6 guys out there, and extremely helpful. If you were looking for an off-the-shelf cam, I'd go with the Stage II HiTechs. The fastest NA 2-valve that I've ever personally seen ran those cams.