Engine Cam Wiped Or Just Bad Lifters

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  1. Put AFR comp 185's in the car with TFS 1.72 stud mount rockers. checked my pushrod length and its perfect. I adjusted the rockers by turning the engine over to get each cylinder to be closed then put them to 0 lash. first time we tried 1/2 turn. started it up and it was loud, so we tore it back down to readjust them. This time to 3/4 turn. the number 3 exhaust when on TDC is really loose even though that particular set screw is adjusted further down then the others. It's also spongy when you press on the pushrod. This sponginess is occurring on a couple others as well. We proceeded to put a dial gauge on the #3 and #2 exhausts to see the difference. #3 came in at 2.30 where as the #2 came in at 2.75. We went back to #3 and it was even less the next time around.

    That is telling me that it is just bad lifters since it seems to be bleeding down and the sponginess. Thoughts?

    also to add, the lifters weren't touched during the tear down. The cam/lifters have been in the car for years now, probably approaching 30k miles.
  2. My guess would be a lifter. It would take more than one start up to wipe out a cam. If the car had been sitting for a long time, the lifters might just have drained out. You could soak them in oil for a day and see if that works, but IMHO if you are going to take the time to take them out, you might as well replace them. If you get new lifters, make sure you soak them in oil for a day before you install them.

  3. the car has been sitting since the end of May. I drove the car around the block last night, maybe 5 minutes of under 2500RPM and it didn't seem to make a difference. you think it will just take some time for them to "fill up" again?

    also, the ford racing lifters good enough or should i look at something more potent? the valve springs are 155lbs. on the seat
  4. I would say a Spongy lifter is just a bad lifter. You might want to see if you are getting oil to it. Do you have an engine primer tool? I would take the valve covers off and spin the oil pump while you turn the engine over with a wrench. Make sure oil is coming out on top of every rocker. If it does, I would say it's safe to assume you have a bad lifter. If not, there might be a blocked passage in the oil galley in the block, and oil isn't getting to the lifter causing it to never pump up. It could also be that the plunger in the lifter has gone bad. Pull the intake and repeat the priming and see if oil just pools up in the top of the lifter. I have always used factory replacement motorcraft lifters without a problem. They should be sufficient. I think it's like $116 for the full set.

  5. i would try driving it more and see if it pumps up
  6. i've driven it now over 70 miles, not revving it above 2500 rpm, and there is no apparent change to the sound. It also appears i didn't put enough RTV on the lower/block seal on the back so off the intake comes anyway to fix that. I'm just going to put new lifters in it and see how it goes. I'll be ordering some FRPP ones this week.