Camaro SS or Stang GT or Challenger Rt

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by Tueyseconal, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. Well you cannot say I am not a Stang Gt nut???
    I have bought Brand new Stang Gts since 1995 till my last one in 2006,I guess I have bought 5 of them....
    Well I am kinda of looking for a newer car now since my Stang Gt has about 30,000 miles on it.......

    I was hoping to get a 2010 Mustang GT in March of 2009...
    But Ford will still will have the same 300HP engine in it till 2011 and
    thats if the economy does not get better and if ford is still in business.

    Now I can go with the Camaro SS with 400hp PLUS at the same time ford releases
    their stang gt....
    I am sure with the Economy I will be able to get the Camaro SS at Invoice under $30,000.GM will make as many Camaros as Ford did with the Mustangs in 2005,,,but then again gas prices are higher and dealers are closing shop.
    And if I want to wait for another Stang Gt with more HP I will have to wait at least 2 years from now...

    Yes I can buy a 2009 Shelby but that style is going aways within 4 months from now.....

    But I can also get a 2009 Challenger RT now for under $29,000 (basic}
    But I rather wait till the 2010 Stang Gt comes out and maybe for will surpise my with a Stang Gt with at least 400hp in it....

    But I am affraid if the 2010 Stang Gt will have the same 300HP I will have to go with the Camaro SS for atad more with 100 Plus HP in it
    Or maybe wait till Sept 2009 and get a 2010 Challenger Rt for Under $30,000...

    But I will not wait till Sept or Oct 2010 and hope to see a Mustang Gt with 400Hp in it.
    and nobody on here can tell me if any of the big 3 will be around then??????:flag:
  2. Looks like your talking yourself into a camaro ss. However, you seem to think that you'll be able to get one below invoice. This is a stretch for me. As this will be GM's signature car for the year, I doubt a dealer will budge on the pricing. Also you have to add gas guzzler tax (1400-1800 pending not confirmed), sales tax, delivery and destination, title, etc. Your up to 35-37k for the new Camaro ss out the door.

    I love the comment about the 09 Shelby style going away. LOL That car is better looking then the 2010 if you ask me. Plus 500 hp, under msrp...not a bad deal at all.

    Lots of "Butts" in this quote, lol. At the end of the day, this is what we are all plagued with. Thankfully the big three are stepping back into the muscle cars and creating this "terrible" problem for us all. They will be confronted with pricing, quality, options, accessories, marketing, and hp to sell all their products. May the best company win, and may the consumer reap all the benefits.
  3. If I want the Camaro SS I am sure I will be able to get it at Invoice or maybe a few hundred over...The Camaro SS will not be over MSRP,,,I guess you have not seen many Ford anf GM dealers going out of business in the last few months and more to come???Many will say that the 2011 Stang Gt will have 400 HP in it????I don't think Ford knows if they will have a stang in 2011 or even if ford will be around then???As for the tax,If you tradein your car you will pay less tax on your new car in most states,I know because I have been tradin my stangs gts for many years and have not paid the FULL tax on any car.To me the shelby is a nice carBut when the 2010s come out it will be outdated,But then again I have not seen the 2010s yet.........Thats why I have to see what the 2010 Stang Gt looks like and see if the have MORE the 300Hp in it..Otherwise I might get a Camaro SS.....As of now nobody knows if the 2011 Stang Gt 2 years from now will see a 400hp in it????Many people want to upgrade in 2010 and I would think this is the best of times for Ford to have a 400HP engine in the stang Gt and not wait till 2011 as they say.

    As for the Camaro SS you can get a basic Camaro SS for under $30,000,,,maybe $28,000 at invoice depends on the economy.
    GM will be making Camaros just like ford was doing in 2005,making them 24 hours aday.

    And the 2009 Challenger Rt is going for $29,000 last week at my local dealer,,,but I want a manual and not a automatic....

    Yes you can pay higher prices on any of these 3 cars.........
    Who whats the best auido system(i rather listen to the headers}
    Who needs GPS???,,,,,as long as the car comes with leather seats and AC
  4. Personally, I would rather have the 09 Shelby, over any of the other 3 choices. You dont have to have a BRAND new car, Shelby has all 3 beat with better resale value. But what do I know I only own a 98 GT:shrug:

  5. You may have changed your name/profile, however the tones of your posts still have Subwaytrain written all over them.

    As for getting a 2010 Challenger R/T for under $30,000.. ? I highly recommend that you purchase one, as fast as you possibly can. Because if GM ends up acquiring Chrysler, from which I understand is now a 50-50 chance. There won't be any more Challenger's, let alone Dodge or Chrysler whatsoever !
  6. House passes $25 billion loan for domestic automakers - Autoblog


    Take a look at that. I don't think they will be hurting for a while, as far as being domestic automakers go.

    So your theory of GM or Ford going out of business or reducing the cost of their premier new car pretty much goes out the window. Good luck on finding one below msrp and good luck getting your final number less than 33k for a 6 speed 422 hp Camaro.

    On a side note. While your out spending 33k plus, I'll be spending 33-35 on a used gt500. See ya at the finish line. :spot:
  7. I would buy a 2009 Challenger Rt but I think it looks kind of heavy....
    People were saying the Cgallenger Rt was going to be around the $35, $37,000 price.
    But as I said I saw a 2009 Hot Black Challenger for A little under $29,000 near me....(basic Rt}
    I would have bought it but I don't want a automatic
    I also think I will be able to get a Camaro SS at Invoice or a little over.
    GM will make as many Camaros as they can or maybe GM will not be around before years end.

    But the Ford Shelby 500 is a hot car
    But I would buy new
    if you buy a used shelby I am sure a KId would have done a lot of spins with it and raced it
    like they paid for it.
    Why would you think anyone that buys a car is out looking to race?
    I rather drive slow and enjoy the ride...
    I think most on here would pick a 2010 over a 2009 when it comes out.
    Nobody wants the old style when the newest style comes out in a few months.Thats if it looks any good
  8. Then why do you care if the 2010 Mustang is "only" 300hp? If you're just gonna "enjoy the ride" and pose in your new toy, then get a Hybrid.
  9. Yeah, no kidding.
  10. Wow, you couldn't be more wrong. The main demographic for a brand new gt500 is 30 years plus, and I would gladly stake money on the fact that most have less than 10k miles on them.

    I rather drive slow and enjoy the ride... LOL!!

    Nobody wants the old style when the newest style comes out in a few months... Like I said, and I'm sure there a few that agree, the 07-09 GT500 is a great looking car and a great bang for the buck.

    I can't believe I just replied to this nonsense. :shrug:
  11. Yep I guess some of the Mustang Shelbys are bought for their kids by there
    well to do dads.It seems the few Shelbys I have seen are driven by kids or the
    much younger crowd.
    I would rather buy a 2010 Shelby 500 for the same money as the 2009 is at now.
    Not saying the 2009 shelby is a sucky car,I would love to own one.
    But as I said I don't know what the 2010s will look like.....
    The 2010s might look hotter,,,but as of now I have no idea.But I think it will
    be good to see it when it comes to a local dealer.....
    People are placing orders for the newest 2010 Camaro SS without sitting in one......
    How can you order a car without seeing it in person or sitting in one or test driving it????
    If I wanted to drive fast I would buy a ZO6 or Viper..
    But as I said its nice to have more then 300HP if you ever need it....Just cannot believe
    ford will wait 2 years before they will put more HP in a Mustang Gt.......
    Well does not matter because Ford will be the last car dealer that makes cars in this country before the end of 2009...
    GM will be out of Business before years end and Mopar maybe sooner or a bit later in early 2009
  13. I don't know where you think I said I could or thought I could get a Camaro SS at UNDER invoice...I said at Invoice or a bit over....($300 over invoice}
    So GM has 6,000 deposits down on the Camaros?
    With the way the Economy is how many will be able to get a loan on the car in 5 months
    from GM?And how many out of the 6000 will lose their jobs?
    And how many GM dealers will be out of business by years end since the Goverment said late today that there will be no bailouts.
    I think Ford will be the only Auto Company around by the end of 2009 and the other 2 will be gone.

    Treasury not negotiating aid for GM merger - Yahoo! News
  14. The government is not paying for the merger, however, they already approved the bail out I linked earlier in the thread. You sure are dead set that none of these companies will exist in a year. :flag:
  15. Hope I am wrong so I can choose between a Stang GT or a Camaro SS or even a Challenger RT...
    But the way it looks I think Ford will be the only company left..
    As for the 25 billion dollars bailouts,,that will happen anywhere between 6 to 18 months..
    It just amaze me,how can a company like GM fall apart so fast and looking for a bailout.
    To me let them fail and start all over again,,,,they can do that in a BK11....
    I feel Ford is doing a great job and will be the only one around in 2010 with all
    the japanese and chinese car makers.
  16. Alan Mullally has indeed been doing a great job over at Ford, and you can also count on Ford being around well beyond 2010. As cars, such as the Fusion, Focus, Taurus, Explorer, and Edge along with Mustang, and the all new Flex are all ranked #1 in best overall quality by J.D. Power & Associates.

    As for the 2010 Mustang, is concerned. You'll be seeing the full reveal in less than 3 weeks at the upcoming L.A. Auto Show !
  17. I'm looking forward to the reveal of the new stang but I hope they finally retire the 4.6. As far as the new Camaro goes, you will be lucky to get an SS at sticker. You couldn't get a GT for under sticker for over a year when it first came out and it won't be any different with the new Camaro. The GT500 is a fast ride but not worth 10k more than a SS, IMO. We'll know the stats of the new Camaro in the next couple of months but I think it's gonna pull high 12's in the quarter. Those LS motors run strong and the ls3 is a beast. Ford better step up to the plate and put some serious beef in that stang or the V6 camaro is gonna give the GT a run for it's money.
  18. If anyone's familiar with the SVT performance website, they should also be familiar with FourCam330. For he's been a Ford insider for many years, who gets first hand knowledge concerning the new powertrains that Ford is coming out with. And according to FourCam, Ford will be replacing the current 4.6 3V, with an all new DOHC 5.0 4V. Which will get better fuel economy than the current 4.6, and will also be rated at 400HP. This new powertrain will also include a 6 speed manual transmission/5 speed automatic, and will make it's debut in the 2011 Mustang GT.

    Although Ford has not officially confirmed this yet, FourCam330 has always been right on the money everytime.

    That being said, the 400HP 5.0 4V, is indeed coming. Count on it ! :D
  19. Your Nuts not thinking that you will not be able to get a Camaro SS at Invoice.
    You have GM dealers going out of Business everywhere and did you look at how many cars GM sold in their earning today???,,,GM is in bad shape and maybe will not be around in 2009.
    A GM dealer gave me a price on a 2009 Trailblazer today...MSRP $38,000 and my cost is $27,000....The smuck salesman told me that the deal might not be here tomorrow because GM is coming out with another employees program........
    We will see if the Emploees program will be cheaper and if not I am sure the dealer will still sell me the TrailBlazer at $27,000...
    They cannot even give these things away............................................
  20. Lets just say that if your able to purchase you're Camaro SS, at invoice or perhaps just a bit above. My question to you, is this. If GM will end up going out of business in 2009, as you claim it will. Then what good is having a car that is no longer in production, and that you'll no longer be able to get parts for, or to get servicing.

    If I were you, I'd much rather wait just one more year, and get a new 2011 Mustang GT. which will have the new 400HP 5.0 4V.

    Look at the bright side, you know that Ford won't be going out of business, and that Mustang will always remain in production.

    The bottom line, is you've waited this long right ? So why not wait just one more year, and then get the car you really want. Seems like a no brainer to me. :flag:
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