Camaro SS or Stang GT or Challenger Rt

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by Tueyseconal, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. yep. true true. well im going to get my girl the new v6 camaro when it comes out. im going to wait for the 400hp version of the mustang to come out and get myself one. right now my daily drivers are a 99 v6 camaro, 1990 nissan 240sx , and a 87 mustang 5L. my three babies will hold me out til then. :)
  2. You won't get a Camaro at sticker its not that hard to believe. Just because SOME dealers are going out of business doesn't mean all are. GM is not going any where and neither is Ford. Companies like Ford and GM just don't close up and call it quits and you dumb to think that. Also dealerships could care less if the economy is in bad shape they aren't going to sell one of the hottest cars coming out a sticker.

    The reason they are selling trucks and SUVs cheap are because no one wants something that gets under 20mpg in the city. They also don't put new model cars in the employee pricing program either so don't expect the Camaro to be in there.

    People that buy Camaros, Mustangs and GT500s are people that really aren't hurting for money. Most people use them as a toy and not a DD. The Camaros will sell very well and a dealership will not sell a Camaro at sticker when someone will pay 5-10k over. Hell they could sell them to another dealership for a few grand over sticker. They don't give a sh** that the economy is bad because rich people are still buying cars. Hell GT500s just started selling at or under sticker a few months ago and they have been selling for 3 years now. Also alot of 05 GTs were selling at 2-5k over sticker around here because Ford could not keep up with the demand.

    I'll tell you right now not to get your hopes up at a Camaro at sticker. There are a ton of rich guys that want to have the next hot thing and are willing to pay for it and thats who the dealerships go after first.
  3. You won't get a Camaro at sticker its not that hard to believe. Just because SOME dealers are going out of business doesn't mean all are. GM is not going any where and neither is Ford. Companies like Ford and GM just don't close up and call it quits and you dumb to think that. Also dealerships could care less if the economy is in bad shape they aren't going to sell one of the hottest cars coming out a sticker.

    Your nuts.......
    GM does care about the economy,I have a friend that is working in sales at a Chevy dealer and hes telling me there is no traffic walking into the showroom...
    As you say I guess the dealer does notcare about people walking in their showrooms?
    I and many others bought their Stang Gts in 2005 at INVOICE when the economy was doing great.
    There is NO waythat a dealer will jackup price over MSRP,,well a few might but only Smucks
    will buy them....
    People with money will not buy a Camaro SS,,they will buy a Shelby,Z06 or Viper.
    Thats nuts to put this car as a rich mans car.Unless your one that will have to have a auto loan.
    I don't think you know what the word rich means????maybe you think someone that makes $150,000 a year is rich,,I will call them middle class
    Anything over that is not buying a Camaro.....You sound like someone that sells cars
  4. Are you above "milddle class" then?

    Middle Class is considered 50-100k in most research studies. A 150k annual income depending on ones life style is above average. My dad owned a multi-million dollar company so I've always lived a pretty good life but I would say thats more than most average joes make. The thing is you can make 150k a year and live beyond your means and still be dirt poor. On the other hand you can make 50k a year and live a moddest life style and have more money than the guy making 150k.

    I didn't put this as a rich mans car what I said is people with money are going to be willing to pay top dollar to get their hands on them first. Dealers exploit those people and thats why you see cars selling above MSRP. Hence the reason Challengers, 05 Mustang GTs, Shelbys, Z06s all sold over sticker when they first came out. Most people that are willing to fork out 5k+ over MSRP have the extra money and aren't too worried about it.

    Whether you want to belive it or not I've already talked to numerous Chevy dealers around here and they are all asking 10k over MSRP and most of them have orders filled at that price. Yes they are hurting for money but this is a way to get back some of their lost sales. Now Im not saying they will sell over sticker for long but if you expect to be on the first people to get one then yes you will pay over. The first 6 months to a year they are out will probably be over sticker.

    As far as me sounding like a car sales man no I'm not. I just have enough friends that sell cars and have dealt with enough dealers to know how they are. I've talked to all of them and the fact is they don't care what the economy is like when it comes to the next hot car because they know they can and will make money on it. This isn't the first hot car that has come out so all you have to do is look back at the previous cars to see what dealers did. Its seems to me you are trying to take the poor economy and make it be the reason for assumptions. Hell stating that you don't know if Ford or GM will be around in 09 is hilarious.
  5. I never said Ford will not be around and as for GM I hope I am wrong but it does not look good.
    Yes I do want to take advanage of the poor economy and I am sure 99% of the
    people will also.
    I am sure many are not hurt in this poor economy as you say,I feel this economy is doing just fine.
    As for someone making $150,000 a year.
    I am sure you can live like a king on $150k a year in the midwest.
    But if you are making $150k a year in NYC you are just getting by.My real estate taxes are over $15,000 plus a year and going up.
    I am just saying
    Most people that I know don't owe anything on their credit cards and pay cash for their cars.
    But the point is,we have the money to pay over MSRP but we don't feel that we should.
    This is not 2005 when the economy was booming
    this is 2008 and many are losing jobs and losing their homes.And many will not be able to
    get a loan at low interest rates.unless you have a high credit rating.
    As for the Dealers that think they will get OVER msrp on the 2010 Stangs and Camaros.
    They will be sitting on dealer lots rotting away,,,,you have nobody going into dealers now looking at cars and the camaro will be no different.
    Look at the 2009 Challenger,you can buy one at Invoice now,all the dealers around me have them sitting on their lots not moving.
    And I have a Local ford dealer that is still trying to get $20k over msrp on a 2008 shelby,it will be funny when hes out of business.
  6. i'm a mopar man for what its worth, but i am building an SN95 right now....but....the new Challenger's are sexy...I'm not biased but i'd either go with the Challenger or the new GTR...i know, i know, its not american....but we're talking about buying new cars....go with the Challenger man...
  7. I agree with you(I have many 1968 - 1971 mopars originals,,NO CLONES }
    But when I looked at the Challenger Rt,it has a wider rear then my 2 1970 Challengers that is in storage(want to buy one lol}
    Only reason I am waiting is to see what the 2010 Stang Gt and Camaro SS will look like......I think I am leaning towards the Camaro SS because of the HP.
    Well I still have to see what the Stang GT looks like before I make the jump.
    But if I don't care for both then I will buy a 2010 Challenger rt in sept of 2009....:SNSign:
  8. I am loyal to Ford nowadays, But you cant pass up the sexiness of the Challenger R/T...


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  9. Sure, it may look sexy. But it's also a 4,140 lb. bloated whale. :jester:
  10. Only one company makes the Camaro, Chevy. Many, many people will want a Camaro and they will pay whatever to get one. So if only one company makes the Camaro, and Chevy knows this, and they know people will pay their asking prices, why the hell would Chevy ever sell at, or just over invoice?
    This is one of the most wanted cars to out in a while. You buy that Camaro at, or just over invoice, and I challenge you to prove it to this board....Unless you cant do that.
    Not saying you cant do it, just sayin if you can, prove it.
  11. They are really nice cars my buddy had an SRT8 but it was a dog from a roll. Before he got rid of it he made custom shaker hood and put a procharger on it. It ran pretty damn strong aftter that.

    It was at SEMA this year.
  12. A Hot car?(hot cars are Shelbys,Vipers,Z06} and the Companys might be out of business before they even get them.
    Invoice or a few hundred over many dealers will take it,thats if GM is in business.
    They don't have money to run their company for more then another 2 months maybe.(takes $10-$12 Billion just to run GM}
    I say let them fail,maybe if GM goes BK11 they can come out of it as a better company.
    United Airlines,Delta,Northwest all went BK11 and they are doing fine now...
    Lets bailout the Sands and MGM of Las Vegas since they might go BK also.
    One of the Big 3 will fail early 2009,I think GM will be the first since they are the only beggers.
    I don't see aline for the camaros,yes they are surposed to have had 6000 orders.
    How many will be able to get loans,and how many people will pass when they lose their jobs..
    Oh lets not forget about Oil going back too $120-$150 next summer if the economy starts to get better.
    Why would anyone need to prove anything to you?Only makes common sense since GM will flood the Market with these cars if or when they hit the market.
    Its funny your not the only one that thinks GM can get above MSRP lolThis is not 2005 when the economy was great.
  13. Exactly how was the economy doing so great in 2005 ? If I recall correctly, gas prices began climbing above $2.00 per gal. at the pump. And eventually prices began to skyrocket even more, from that point on. So once again, just how was the economy doing so great. :shrug:
  14. Sorry maybe you didnot do well back then?Yep Gas started to go up
    I am sure I am not the only one on this site feels that the Economy is doing fine.
    I know people are losing their Homes and many cannot get credit on a car loan without having a credit rating of 700 plus.
    But I feel thats a small group of people.
    I think Gas Prices have been cheap for many years and when they started to go up I
    thought at $3.00 a gallion was a good price,but when they started to hit $4.50-$5.00 a gallion then I thought maybe the price was getting a tad higher then many can afford.

  15. First of all, Subwaytrain, my question concerning the economy back in 2005, had nothing to do with me personally, nor had anything to do with whether or not I did well back then. For that wasn't my point. Therefore, my question concerning the economy back then, was intended as a general question, and nothing more.

    As for your ridiculous claim of not being the only one on this site, who feels the economy is doing great. I've haven't read a single post from anybody other than yourself, who has backed up your claim.

    And while we're at it, why don't you also explain the reason behind the current economic meltdown of the entire financial industry having to be bailed out by the government. And if that isn't enough for you, then how about the recent plummeting of the stock market ?

    Oh and btw, let's also not forget about the entire Automotive Industry as being affected as well.

    And most of all, what about the over 760,000.00 jobs that were lost, just this year alone. Then on top of that, were also involved in 2 major wars.

    Yes indeed, I suppose that somehow in your elitist mind, these are real signs of a booming economy huh ?

    Well FYI, the bottom line is this: The U.S, is currently in the worst financial shape since the great depression, and for those who choose to ignore it, are simply not coping with reality very well.

    That being said, you've been banned from this site once before for being a Troll, and your obviously heading in the same direction once again. :ban:
  16. Banned? Glad you know what you are talking about because I don't have a clue what your talking about.

    As for the bailouts
    I would say screw the bailouts and let them fail.Congress screwed up and the republican will pay later.
    I think your friend Barney Franks gave people like you home loans that cannot afford them, and if you cannot afford it you should lose the home,nobody should get a home bailout.
    As for americans losing jobs
    America has been losing jobs for many years,the people that are complaining
    are the people that have little skills.
    And if 1 of the Big 3 go under
    Yes the goverment will helpout on pennys on a dollar for the people that lose their jobs.
    But as Obama says,he will have retrain programs for the unemployed.
    And as I said before many don't feel the pinch of the economy,maybe its less people that have problems then you think,I think you watch too much television and believe everything you read.It seems you have too much time on your hands...
    Maybe the Good folks will bann you from this site,I think I have to put my complaints in:nice:

  17. First of all, Troll not that it's any of your business, but FYI. I've had no problems in keeping up with my home mortgage loan in over 13 years. As a matter of fact, I still have the same fixed rate at 5.87% in which I started out with.

    As for your ridiculous claim of people losing their jobs, due to having little skills are concerned. Yea, I really suppose that over 760,000 people losing their jobs were all due to having very little skills right ?

    As for having too much time on my hands is concerned ? Well FYI, I live in the real world that's known as reality. Where as you on the other hand, more than likely still live at home with Mommy and Daddy, living in your own little fantasy world, who does nothing more than read comic books. In which fully explains as to why you have no clue as to what's happening in the real world. Otherwise how could you come up with such a dumb statement, that many don't feel the pinch of the current economic meltdown in the first place.

    As for getting me banned is concerned, well good luck. As I've been a senior member of this website for over 3 years. Who's been a very firm believer in supporting his fellow site members, where unlike yourself who does nothing more than resort to adolescent behavior with your disrespectful, and personal attacks. Which FYI, is against the rules of this website.

    So you just go right ahead Subwaytrain, or whatever you call yourself now. And will just see who gets banned. :rlaugh:
  18. Seriously you might as well just stop trying to argue with this Tueyseconal guy he is a about as dumb as you can get. I highly doubt he has owned or even bought one Mustang let alone as many as he says he has.

    He has no clue how dealers work and how to buy a car or how cars are sold.

    He also sure as hell doesn't have a clue about how the economy is doing. Having a family that personally has millions of dollars invested into the stock market right now I'll tell you we have lost tons of money. I couldn't even imagine how a lower class family is doing right now. Hell the global economy is going down the shi**er right now let alone Americas economy.
  19. senior member
    Ha Ha Ha
    Please I would not brag about being a senior member of anything yea smuck.
    As for having a 5.87 interest rate for the last 10 plus years,geeeeee if you had any brains you could have refinanced at 5% or less a year or 2 ago smuck.
    As being a member of anything in the internet world for 3 years makes your more of a smuck.
    Be part of the real world and get out and meet real people unlesss you problems with that?
    What you think that the people will be getting layed off at GM have skills other then making cars?I think they all will have problems getting jobs because they been making autos all their lifes.As for the people that lost their Jobs on wall street,most will find better jobs because they all do have skills other then manual back breaking jobs.
    Its funny you say I should read my Comic books Ha Ha thats the best you can come up with?
    As for you living in Pittsburgh,I would guess that there is not much work out there,Maybe we should import more Steel from China.
    Yep I have no clue about being unemployed and I am sure everyone I know feel the same way.
    Geeee I can put yeaaa down all night but wish not to waste my time while I am havinga fine bottle of wine.
    Geee I wonder who started the personal attacks?

    As for YellowGT
    I think everyone is losing money with MA,V,AA,Rimm,X among many other stocks.(you want a cheap stock to make money on go with RODM,they have been a small company on wallstreet since the mid 70s that I can rememeber,Earning will be in a few days}
    But after the new year there will be many great deals.
    I have lost lots of money but gained it back on election day and sold everything and will buy in early 2009 when the market will be at its worst
  20. Believe me, my friend. I know exactly where your coming from, and I couldn't agree with you more. As a matter of fact, this guy was previously banned from this website, under the screen name (Subwaytrain) And despite using a different screen name, he still continues resorting to the very same personal attacks along with his adolescent and offensive remarks, that eventually led to his previous banishment.

    In the meantime, I've already filed several complaints with the moderators, in which it'll only be a matter of time, before he gets himself banned once again.

    At any rate, I'm truly grateful for all your support, and I'm also proud to consider you as a fellow Mustang enthusiast, and fellow Stangnet member. :cheers:
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