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  1. well i found a clip of a firebird beating a modified 430 hp cobra and all the firebird was pushing was 350hp. i found it on . the way i see it, anyone can beat anyone as long as you have the cash and the insanity :)
  2. oh no, i wasnt there, ya its not like i used to own one. look heres how it goes
    SS owns 1994 - 2002 cobra
    2003 and up cobra owns SS(stock)
  3. I owned a 99 Z, the SS is not going to be much faster, maybe worse off the line since it has a stiffer suspension.

    My 99Z modded with lid, K&N, free mods, FTRA, pro torque 2800 stall, BMR sub frames, LCAs, DS loop, no spare tire, exhaust cutout after the cats and I think that was it ran a 13.0x at Cayuga in Canada with a 1.9 60' time. It would normally run 13.2-13.4 on a normal basis at the track, mostly New York International.

    If I had times on my mustang I would let you know. I don't yet though.
  4. like i said, you weren't there, you didn't see the race, so you're just another internet weenie calling BS. :shrug: i raped an SS, big deal.
  5. Well I raced an 02 SS, no mods, eithe rone fo us, he kileld me from a roll, 4 cars, and almost 3 cars froma dig, they are so damn fast, an their 3rd gears are magical and they will pull hard on you.
  6. For reference, I ran an '01 Cobra 3 times at T&T a coupler years ago. My mods were lid, filter & shifter; his were filter, shifter & exhaust (dunno what brand). I beat him all three times and was consistently 4 tenths quicker & 4mph faster with reasonably comparable 60-foot times (within a few hundredths anyway). He hung within a carlength up to the eighth mile but I pulled him pretty hard past that.
  7. A few months ago I showed a white '01 WS6 what the back bumper of my '94 Cobra looked like a few times. It was an auto & pretty much stock. I don't condone street or drag racing; but when need be, my Cobra will defend her honor.
  8. I have lost just as many races to a 98+Fbody as i have won

    I usually have a slight lead until just after the 1/8 and then the LS1 would startr to reel me in and then pull away very slowly.

    My best time is 13.3 at 105.69 which is right where most stock LS1s run when properly drivin anyways

    the 13.3 was with a 2.160 60ft so i think there is much room for improvment on my ET but nevertheless LS1s tend to run low 13s at 105+ my Buddys 99 SS trapped 106.8 stock
  9. My buddy has an 2000 SS. When he only had lid and exhaust, I could "escort" him through the 1/8th by about a half car. Past that, he would reel me in and just barely beat me to the light. I made the mistake of helping him install an aggressive cam a few weeks he trashes me. :bang:

    The 01/02 SS's are even nastier, I believe they came with the LS6 intake used on the vette.

    I might need to upgrade to an 03 just to put him back where he my mirrors!
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  12. OK UPDATE! after talking with a friend of mine who knows this guy really well (he is currently deployed), i found out that he owns a 97 SS with an LT1 inside. what do u think of those? Its not an 01 SS, my other friend lied LOL!
  13. Huge difference. Unless he is modded, you'll walk that pig.
  14. LSWhat?

    ;) LS1 is a potent motor, and in the right hands, a stock LS1 should beat a stock 96-01 Cobra (a Mach 1 is a good race, in the 1/4 mile). You would have had your hands full, and then some.

    Then again, on the street, anything can happen, and drivers make a HUGE difference.

    As for the LT1....if he is stock, and given your mods, you should do alright.
  15. LS1 :( walk me all the time. there is a group of them around me and i am the only mustang / cobra around these parts that has anything. 2 of them are 01 ss then there is a 99 z28 and a 97 and 95 z28 i can stay with the 97 easy, Off the start i kill him. the 95 i just wax i say if u match same yr vs same yr the cobra win in the lower yrs. BUT LET TALK WHO GIVES A FLYING FLIK... ABOUT THEM THEY STOP MAKING THEM. AFTER the 2005 MUSTANGS!!!! we have nothing to worry about other then a VET. and most of us guys our age can even get one so just stick with it guys we Won in the end we are still alive while they are pushing up flowers... :rlaugh: :cheers:
  16. My brother has a 99 cobra and raced one from a roll and pulled it badly, they stopped and talked afterwards and the guy in the SS thought it was a supercharged Cobra. It's had the fix and only has steeda under drives. I have raced the same car and went nose to nose with it. I know it was the same becuase he lives in the same town as we do (small town) I don't know if he can't drive or it's a pooch but my brother beat it and i was even with him.
  17. it's the same way down here in Dallas...
  18. yeah this guy is kinda funny, he is bothering my friend to build up his motor for him but doesnt realize it will cost some major $$$. the guy was thinking it would cost like $1-2k for a fully blown engine with all engine work and upgrades. my friend just laughed at him.
  19. When the GTOs get the 6.0L that the new vettes have that will be interesting for the SC Cobras, don't you think? They'll have like 400 hp stock. I think the CTS-V is getting the 6.0L too, but not sure. Also if the Charger actually comes out and has the Hemi in it, it'll probably be rated around 350-370hp in a sedan, something to keep the non-SC Cobra guys working. It'll be fun in a few years when I get my conversion (99 V6 to 03 Cobra+ specs) done to see what happens.
  20. yea the gto and the new stuff there coming out with make a crap load of power BUT!!! since i work for the dealer ship and get to go to the test and drive before these babys r out there nothing major guys the new gto it ways so much omg i lost all respect on them now and the charger is going to be to heavy also thats the problem with GM now a-days and let see the Freaken mach 1 stuck with the GTO thats funny to me lucky ford did not bring the cobra out and show them what is up... the freaken Lightning could kill the gto and its a truck so gm can stick to it big eng. to make up for there small balls.