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  1. Uh, what?
  2. Couple years ago my 99 vert was stock except cold air intake and underdrive pulleys. Took an almost new 01 ss convertible 3 pulls in a row. By an average of .3 seconds per run. He seemed new to heads up racing thhough

  3. How is it a pig? Camaros weigh less that mustangs off the floor.
  4. I didn't mean that the car was heavier, just slower. LT1's are torquey bastards, but they can't touch the LS1's for power....stock for stock anyway.
  5. I have both, and they are both modded pretty well; the camaro having more suspension mods, Sub frames, LCA's, STB, Pan hard, ect.. and a 150 shot. N/a my SS will eat almost any bolt on Sn95 or 99 Cobra's its not even a challenge. But 32 V Cobra's can take stock LS1's or LS1's with very few mods, but your gonna need 4.30's, mid pipe, cat-back, Cai, and TB to say the least.
  6. ?? the 99 cobra has a 32valve?? anyway, I agree, but the 96 were the slower of all the new mod cobras. My 99 has 410 gears and all the other stuff you mentioned. I think it can easily take a stock ls1!
  7. What a bunch of Bull

    Mod foor mod.. i have A WS6 AUTO.. 3;73 STALL
    sealed intaked TB , Maf headers no cats, cat back.. i've raped so many Svt's i don't even bother yeah i run DR's and have a small diet.. Cobra's even the 03 -04 stock are a joke to me.oh and predator tuning.
  8. :bs:
  9. :bs: [​IMG]
  10. :nonono: Ua all 96-04 Cobra's are 32V, DOHC (4 cam mod motor) Also the only reason the 96 is a lil slower is because of the intake manifold other than that they still are fast.
  11. If he has a stall & DR's to go with those gears, headers etc. then it's no BS. Convertors are typically worth about a half-second on these cars.

    Here's the "Top 50" list from for internally stock (bolt-on only) NA cars. Note that about 90% of them are stalled A4's, and that it takes 11.80's to even crack the list. Look at the 60-foot times the stalled cars get. That's where the races are won. Those A4 cars won't have the trap speed of a similarly modded 6-speed car but they'll murder it out of the hole. Given that there's nothing special about the cars on that list (bolt-ons only, and most at or near factory weight, no nitrous), I don't consider it a stretch that even the garden-variety stalled A4 car would be more than enough for a stock 03-04 Cobra.

    Call :bs: all you want, but if you ever line up next to one of these cars you may be in for a rude awakening.
  12. When you see an 02 cobra, let us know. :rolleyes:
  13. I had two kids pull up in a 01SS last week and wanted to race. The passenger leaned out the window and asked if I had a V8? (guess he didnt notice the loud sound comeing from my exaust) Then he said that his friends car has a 5.4 ltr and it would kick the crap out of my stang. I looked at him in total disbelief. He car was almost stock. It had a Catback and thats about it.. one of the ones with the little chevy shaped ends..Barf
    Well I reved up real good and as the light went green I let him burn his tires as I slowley left the line.. I guess he didnt see the cop.. well he did after the red lights came on :nice:

  14. :lol: Classic.
  15. My BONE STOCK 02' SS ran a 13.2 at 107mph w/ 2.1 60ft. I was new to drag racing as well.
  16. You'll get different answers from everybody. You should, however, beat him with your gears.
  17. i thought i was the only one who noticed that :nonono:
  18. i was smoked by one on the highway a couple months ago. with nitrous im sure i would have had him, but the bottom line is we need 300+ rwhp to hang with an SS.
  19. 00 R is slower than an LS1? :rlaugh: