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  1. i was not partial to either car before i bought my 99 cobra, and i liked the ss alot, but i was no way blown away by its performance, i felt the cobra had the upper hand. but mine was modded :)
  2. i have owned a camaro and a stang before.. im gonig to go back to stang just because the mustangs dont have leaky t-tops. on average the mustang has better 1/4 mile and 0-60 times... the camaro has better handling due to its wide body... there both quick that goes w/o saying it all depends on which year you race against each year and the driver. as far as i see it as long as where beating imports its all good.
  3. i too have owned both fbody and mustangs. it all depends on your taste. like someone said earlier, you spend more on the right mods and (driver not withstanding) anybody can beat anybody. it seems to me, personally, that ford makes much better bottom ends however. in my opinion, most of the fbody guys out there only have an air lid and exhuast running 13's. pull up to a 5.0 with a cowl hood and strong lope, you dont know what your in for :)
  4. and i drove a 2000 Z28 before i bought my 97 Cobra, i thought the Z pulled better on the low end, but banging through the gears letting the 32V rev out i thought the cobra was pretty damn close. they are both rated at 305hp stock. i know GM fudged a bit on that rating since most of them are rated at about 280-290rwhp. but they have a history of that ;)
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    Okay thats not entirely true. I have a Yellow 98 Stock Cobra that has beaten stock LS1 Z28s quite a few times. Thank God for that extra 1,000 RPM but ive beaten them. Now if you were talking about an SS LS1 then no, thats not the case here. But a STOCK Z28 LS1 is beatable by a stock 96-98 Cobra, mainly because of the extra Redline room you have with the 32V engine. :nice:
  6. from what i have heard, is that the ss is no faster than the z28
  7. the ss is faster than the z28 stock. the camaro z28's cut out at about 120. the ss aout 160.
  8. Stock LS1 vs a geared 96 4v is a close race. The 4v will probably trap around 103ish and stock ls1 would be around 106. So if the cobra gets the hit/holeshot I say it's a drivers race. -Mark

    p.s. all 96-98 4v's are slow. ;)
  9. No way stock vs stock 01 and down Cobra will take a 98 SS.

    99 Cobra = 14 et
    98 SS = 13.6 et.

    I guess if the guy just flat out cannot drive.

    I could not and cannot stand the look of those cars (SS) but they were bad a$$. :flag:
  10. Dude, you heard wrong. SLP has bad MOJO. SS and RamAir were tough but ugly cars.

    OK the RamAir wasn't that ugly. :)
  11. SLP had intake & exhaust options for the SS that would add hp, but a base SS makes no more power & is no faster than a Z28.
  12. You do learn something everyday. I assumed all SS had the air and exhaust options. I do not remember seeing one without it.

    So the HP numbers were the same for the Z28 and SS???

    I am going back to my magazines to inspect.
  13. Found this on
    This is for the 2000 SS

    There are few changes to the SS from last year: the addition of redundant audio controls on the steering wheel, an optional 12-disc CD changer, new interior fabrics, and new wheel designs (for all Camaros, actually). The all-alloy 5.7-liter LS1-derived drivetrain remains, in 305 horsepower form for the Z28, and an almost Vette-like 320 horses in SS trim. Both now meet LEV standards, which is pretty amazing, considering the smoggy "death" of performance 25 years ago. Adding the SS Performance/Appearance package to a Z28 delivers fiberglass cold-air induction hood, low-restriction dual exhaust system with 2-inch tailpipes, Goodyear's top-of-the-line F1 GS radials on SS-specific 17-inch wheels, stiffer suspension, power steering cooler, and SS-specific rear spoiler. Quite a goody basket for $4000.
  14. Some more, also on MotorTrend
    this is for the 2002 Model Year

    As before, SS cars tout more power than the 310-horse Z28 through better breathing, with a forced-air induction hood and freer-flowing exhaust conspiring with the LS1 V-8 to generate 325 horses. Further performance and cosmetic enhancements are available to personalize the car

    I guess I did not learn something new today. :(
  15. The general-purpose auto mags are little more than a marketing arm for the automakers. They'll also tell you that the LS1 in the C5 Corvette makes 350hp but in reality they make no more power on a dyno than an LS1 f-body. "On paper" the SS has an advantage but it hasn't worked out that way in the real world. Any power increase from the SS exhaust is within the standard deviation of LS1 engines and the air from that hoodscoop goes through two 180 degree bends before it ever hits the airbox.
  16. I am respectfully disagreeing. :)

    Rode in both. Felt a difference.

    If anyone dyno sheets of the two stock vs stock. Let me know.
  17. First off, a stock 99/01 does the 1/4 at about 13.8 at just over a 100mph. Second off, a bare bones stock ss is no faster then a z28. Also the bad ass lookin ram air on the ss actually did not help performance at all...look at all the bends before the air even hits the intake! Yes it is true that a fully SLP optioned SS is bad ass and fast as hell but still is a drivers race with a GEARED cobra. I test drove both cobra and ss for the longest time before I made my decision and well I obviously chose the cobra, and that was from a sheer performance view. Id like to know how close the SS engine is to the C5... was it really detuned for the SS or no?
  18. No argument other than one, the SS is a tick faster than the Z28.

    All the tests in every show and publication I have witnessed state about a 2 tenths advantage to the SS. 13.6 vs 13.8. Why is that, I do not know. Most state that the Cobra was faster than the GT also, and I beleive them. There were some advantages to purchasing the SS over the Z28.

    Also, knew all about the ramair BS. Calm down. Their all ugly with worthless trunks and snap,crackle pop interior sounds.

    You stated it.... GEARED Cobra gets the job done.
  19. You can't really compare different tests results head-to-head when you factor in the fact that the tests were performed on different days at different tracks under different conditions with different drivers.

    90% of LS1 engines will dyno somewhere in between 295-310 rwhp. Thats a variation of +/- 15rwhp. The base SS exhaust is worth ~5hp and that's being generous. With that in mind, take an example of a stock SS & stock Z28 and your chances of seeing any measurable performance difference are pretty slim and most likely can be chalked up to the driver. As for me personally, I'll take a strong-running Z28 over an SS with a "Monday morning" engine any day of the week. Hell, my lowly Z28 with only an airlid ran door-to-door with lid/catback SS's & WS.6's (supposedly the fastest of all f-bodies) all day long at the GAFBA track day last year. My best trap speed of 109.60 is for the most part as good as any you'll find for a lid-only car, SS or otherwise. In the end I guess it depends on what you consider a "measurable difference". Any noticable difference can easily be attributed to other factors besides the differences in the cars, perceived or otherwise. After all, there are plenty of Z28's that ran 13.3 stock and plenty of SS's that ran 13.7 stock.

    Again, this assumes a base-model SS. The intake & exhaust options from SLP are proven power mods worth 20-25 rwhp.

    Wander over to the ls1 boards and you'll get a similar consensus. I'll take the cumulative experience of hundreds of enthusiast owners over a couple of mag articles any time.