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  1. Take a deep breath.

    My next question is....WHAT???

    Who cares?????

    The guy was comparing a COBRA to an SS.

    Show me a sales slip for a "base" SS and I'll beleive anything you say.
  2. Who's getting excited? :shrug: I'm just passing the time.

    Point was that if he's wondering about SS's, he should realize that there's no performance drop off if he comes across a Z28, or TA, or Firebird Formula for that matter. What a sales slip is supposed to prove, I don't know.
  3. Wrong. Why in hell would you think that a Z28 would be limited to 120mph?? I can't tell you how many times I have personally seen 140mph in a Z28. :nonono:
  4. Ya I agree, I have driven some pretty basic trans ams and man they were fast and could hang with an ss or firehawk, hmmm which brings me to another question, is the firehawk the baddest of all the ls1 fbodys???
  5. one more thing, it is just sooo different driving a dohc cobra and an ls1. I actually wouldnt mind haveing both :)

  6. You say that SLP offered exhaust and intake mods which added horses.

    You then say that those were not present on the base SS models.

    I say BS. There were no Base models and ask you to prove it. Plain and simple.

    SS is faster. Only by a tick or two. But faster none the less.

    Never said the Z28's were slow. Ford was screwed by them for years.
  7. The intake & exhaust options from SLP are proven power mods worth 20-25 rwhp.

    You said this, not me.
  8. If I were going to buyr the quickest, bone stock LS1 F-body, I'd get a no-option 01/02 Z28 - hands down.
  9. Yes, I said it. Note the word options :rolleyes:


    Note again, the word option.

    First article on the '98 LS1 SS. From the article:
    For '99-up, the standard exhaust was changed to dual 2" rolled tips.

    For '02, the exhaust option was bundled with the airlid option and called the "345hp package".

    Call BS all you want, but I'm not going to spend any more time trying to convince you on what everybody who has half a clue about these cars already knows. Simply put, I know more about these cars than you. And you're, simply put, wrong.

    If you're saying an SS is faster than a Z28 by a "couple of ticks", you're leaving out the fact that any two LS1 f-bodies are going to run different times by a "couple of ticks". What difference does a ~5hp muffler make when individual engines are going to vary by +/- 15rwhp anyway? Not much, in the real world. Difference in driver skill & track conditions is going to dwarf (to put it mildly) any difference the SS muffler & hood make. To say anything else is splitting hairs, end of story.

    If you're talking about one with the 345hp package, different story. Consider these cars to be on par with any lid/exhaust LS1. Just about all aftermarket lids & aftermarket exhausts flow the same. They'll all make 320-330rwhp. Some SS's have these options. Some don't. There is a difference. I can probably dig up track times for SS's with that 345hp package that haven't run as fast as my lowly Z28 with just a lid. If you cherry-pick your examples you can prove just about anything. I'm talking about on the average.
  10. That's a nice car you got their Bob. :nice:

    LS1 ss, Z28, Trans AM, Don't matter, driven well all 3 cars are low 13 potential's. Maybe even more.

  11. no no no. SS is just wheels and tape guys, wheels and tape...

  12. agreed. :nice:
  13. I'll throw my 2 cents in here. I had an '01 Cobra that ran 13.78 stock, although I think it could have done better with some better driving.

    I traded it for an '02 SS (automatic) that ran 13.21 stock and I think that was pretty much its limit without mods.

    Not entering the debate, just sharing. ;)
  14. Depending on tires came on the T/A, Z28, and SS is what determied the speed limiter. The ones that came with Z rated tires have the 160MPH speed limiter. Either way, this can be changed very easily with a LS1Edit.
  15. To answer your question chuckstang95 the firehawk isnt the top of the line in trans ams its second in line behind the stock 380HP BlackBird which are extremely rare and whatever GM did to the LS1 to boost it to three 380HP is untold by GM they never released what they did to boost it up. :shrug:
  16. Keep in mind also that all LS1's 98-02 put out the same power. The LS6 intake made up for power lost when adding a truck cam in 01.

    My 2000 SS has most of the SLP options for 2000.
    SLP Cat-Back Exhaust
    SLP/Bilstein Suspension
    SLP 17x9 Chrome ZR1 Wheels w/Goodyear Eagle F1 tires
    O.E. Hurst Shifter
    With these options and a new AC Delco paper filter I ran a best of 12.98 @

    I added these items:
    SLP/Donaldson Blackwing Lid w/ Synthetic Filter (Lid was a SLP option in 02)
    SLP Y-Pipe
    BFGoodrich G-Force KDWS tires
    Hurst Aftermarket Stick (No Isolator)
    With alot of traction issues I ran a best of 12.79 @ 109mph. If I beat it and had better traction who know what it could do.

    The Firehawk and SS are equal in HP but the Firehawk weighs more.
    These cars weigh the same Z28 = Formula = SS Trans Am = Firehawk

    I can eat LS1 Corvettes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The only place they are any kind of a threat is at higher speeds on the highway.
  17. The truck cam added low end torque. Not sure about the high end of the car though.
  18. Look at any 01-02 LS1 Dyno, The cam wasn't put in for Torque it was put in to save money. Just like using only one intake LS1/LS6.
  19. Check out #4. This came from,

    ALL LS1 sites say the same thing.
  20. Umm, Like I said look at a dyno of one.

    Anyway carry on.