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  1. ok, i am going with a japanese brand of coilover (old friend runs the company) called RS-R. their newly released coilover setup for our cars comes with the upper strut mount, but it does now allow for camber adjustment. so, as i will be running quite low and do not want to have more than about a degree of negative camber )due to excessive tire wear), will i be able to get the camber adjustment that i am hoping for (.5-1.0 of neg camber) by running camber bolts? from what i read, the answer is yes, but i just wanted to ask on here, for people that are running them or have experience with them on our cars. thanks.

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  2. I've heard camber bolts are a bad idea. if you are already spending money on coilovers why don't you gent a nice set of camber plates from ground control or maximum motorsports?