Camber Issues

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  1. Put new ball joints on my 97 GT. Now I'm in a negative camber. Factory camber plates adjust a little but not enough. Everything is stock. No lowering springs, etc. New ball joints should put it back to factory specs right as long as nothing else was messed with right? What else goes bad to cause negative camber. Springs, bushings, what? Thanks......
  2. Theoretically yes, but that does not always happen. Think about all of the bushings in each shock tower, mileage on the vehicle OE plates etc etc.

    For a cheap way for getting in spec, some guys have notched the camber plates to adjust them or outright purchased camber bolts made by Eibach.

    Or if you ever want to lower the car just go with Maximum Motorsports' plates. They are a dream and can be adjusted from stock cars to extreme negative camber for race cars.
  3. What about the bushings in the stock camber plate

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  4. Thanks guys. I appreciate the help. I think I will just lower the whole thing anyway. If nothing else, it just looks good.
  5. I installed the maximum Motorsports plates on my old car. Good stuff.
  6. I'm not sure how camber has changed from just changing a ball joint.

    Can you be more specific as to what you actually did? Did you, for example, replace the entire lower control arm? Did you remove the upper shock mount or ...

    What was actually unbolted and/or removed in the work you did?

    Got pics of everything?
  7. I am with Trinity here.....something else changed.

    The main place to look...the connection of the spindle to the strut. The holes are not the same size(camber bolts). You have some room to play with the camber, and if you just let stuff hang and reconnect it, you will put it in negative camber.

    That is just one of the things that could have changed. If you do not mark everything, then normally, you have to get a new allignment anytime you do anyting with the suspension.