Camera Mounts?

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  1. Anyone have a camera mount installed in their car without a roll cage?

    I want to put my digi-cam somewhere mounted so i can shoot video when i race at the track or autoX.

    Do they make anything that suction cups to the window or something like that?
  2. I wanna know the same thing.

    Seems like velcro or suction cups wouldnt give enough grip, who knows though.

    Theres always duct tape...
  3. yes, I will contact one of my friends who has a mount that suction cups to his back window. vids come out awsome.
  4. Actually before i permanently mounted and hardwired my Sat radio, i used the factory suction mount that came with it. If you prep the surface with an alcohol rub first, it holds VERY well. It's the type of suction mount that has a plunger to create a lot of vacuum.

    Perhaps they make the same thing for a camera mount?
  5. i remember a thread a while back about this. they found a camera mount that uses the headrest legs as mounts. the bracket has holes that the headrest legs slide into, and when the headrest is installed on the seat, that holds the bracket in postion.
  6. Sticky Pod Dash Cam. You can use it to shoot outside the vehicle or loosen the knuckle and turn it around to film inside. You can also use the mount to attach the camera to the outside of your car and get some good footage. I have used it on the trunk and hood of a car with no problems and got some great footage for Meet videos.



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  8. I kinda like the seat one. It will keep the camera close enough that i can operate it.

    All the suction cup ones i have found mount to the back window