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  1. Are there any good cames for a 00V6 out there? I'm looking for a semi loopy
    idle. Mabey a little more on the top end like to 6,500rpm. I'd also like it to be good for nitrous or a diffrent power adder in the future.

    Is there a cam out there that will do the job for me?
  2. Yea. The cam in my sig.
  3. Could I pass California Smog with that cam?
  4. I think so. Check out for the website. Also, here's a link to another thread that was started a couple weeks ago. We're having a group cam buy from RPM so if you are planning on buying a cam in the near future, you might want to look into it. It's going on till thursday (nov 27) I think. I'm actually ordering mine as I type this.
  5. Thaks for the info.

    I'm definatly interesed in the deal but I don't have a paypale account. :(
    Can sombody buy it for me I'll send a money order to u.
  6. Sorry man, no help from me.. I barely have enough money for my own cam. :D

    Seriously though, setting up a paypal account isn't very difficult. If you have an email address and a credit or debit card, you're set. Just go to and set one up. By using a debit card you don't even need to keep money in paypal. You just basically use paypal as a way to use your card. See? Simple!
  7. looks like I can just send a money order to them anyway.
  8. hummmfff, Caleee-farnia, the land of fruits and nuts...
  9. umm okay.
    Coming from the guy with some weird avatar that looks
    to come straight from some ghetto 80's horror movie.
  10. My cam and engine were built by Tell Tom I sent ya'

    Couldn't be happier, besides his prices are better.
  11. Are you kidding?? SSX is $$$, if you compare prices.
  12. Did you even look at prices? I got a cam, pushrods, springs, AND shipping from RPM for 65 bucks less than JUST a cam from SuperSix.
  13. well everything you buy it always says like california thinks this causes cancer and cars are like "passers california emiisons test" whats up with that i guess the rest of us are going to die, whith our chmicals in plastic bottles and our cars that are olders then 2 years...

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  16. :lol: :rlaugh: I couldn't agree more
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  18. I did slow down to read it. I had to read it 3 or 4 times to figure out what you were trying to say. It was nearly impossible to read because I had to take the time to insert punctuation where it was supposed to be in order to make it coherent. I (think) I agree with what you were trying to say but come on, using a period here and there isn't going to kill you. Didn't you learn about run-on sentences in like 2nd grade? Judging by the ellipsis you used in the above post, you do know where the key for the period is. :D
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