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  1. Has anybody recived word on ur ordered cams yet.
    I'm starting to get worried.
    If it takes much longer I'll drive up there and talk with them.
  2. Nope... I assume all is well, though I've been wondering as well. I've heard nothing bad about the company, but I'd still at least like acknowledgement that he got my money and was at least in the process of filling my order. At least let me know what was going on, you know? I'd suggest emailing him first saying that there were a couple of us that were wondering what was going on to see what he says. That way a bunch of us aren't emailing him, buggin him when there's probably no real problem. Then you can just post back on here to let the rest of us know and we won't have to ALL harrass him. Sound like a plan?
  3. It's really funny how life works. I whent on the net today and low and behold I have an email from him saying that he recived my payment.
    I've been talking to him through e-mail. I might have to go down there and visit his shop If I do I'll post what I see. But, he seems to
    generaly want to help. I asked how much his shop would charge for a cam instalasion and he told me the price even though I specificaly
    told him that I was going to do it myself. He even whent as far as If I needed any help or sugestions while performing the swap to talk to
    him. Sounds like an great shop to me.
  4. I'm not really worried, living in Canada everything takes forever to get up here from the states. To get through customs, I think it sits there for a month or 2 before those lazy bastards start sending stuff through.
  5. U never know if some one was actually disguising drugs in pushrods and a pipe in a cam.
    Those hard working bastards will probably take a week to figure out what it even is.
  6. if you are going though the trouble to put a cam in your car you had BETTER get better heads (ported and polished ect ect and PP intakes as well... else you are stupid... unless you just love paying someone/tearing the motor apart yoru self.
  7. BV Heads and ported intakes are next on the shopping list. The cam is just going into storage till I get all the pieces I need. I want to tear down the motor once only for this.

    The cam I got matches the BV Heads, so yeah it isn't going in yet. But for the price of the cam, I had to buy it.
  8. I will buy a 99 up heads/intake/cam set when they get some reseach done adn get them up to around 250rwhp~ like they should be :(
  9. Well personally, I'll be doing the work myself. So I guess if I have the time, I'm not stupid. What do you think, genius?
  10. There's nothing wrong with my head. Mabey u have personal problems.
  11. I realize that I'll get a bigger gain by doing mods to all the stuff you mentioned... however, I, like many others, realize I won't be able to afford ALL of that stuff at the same time for quite a while. So, rather than wait, I got the cam, etc. when it was cheap. I can do all the other stuff (if i even decide to do it) later on... unless I end up saving for my viper first. So I suppose I can wait for your 250rwhp... or I can have relatively cheap 220 n/a rwhp right now, while I wait for my stock 382.5 rwhp. Just a thought.
  12. Well after the head cam swap, I be savin pennies for the Procharger. 300+ baby! :D
  13. buy part by part is fine but putting in part by part is dumb.... just buy it put it up and wait until you can afford it all.
  14. You are right in a way, but what if he wants to enjoy his car right this moment and not wait until he has enough money to do all this stuff at once. Then doing it part by part isnt really that dumb then.
  15. yea for the momen definatly, but i have learned though my many mistakes.... to do it right the first time, if you yank the motor apart twice you will have twice as many chances of screwing something up.... do it once really good and be done with it.
  16. I'm not going to ever buy diffrent heads.
    All I'm going to do to the car performance wise is the cam, push rods,
    springs, full exaust, pullies, chip, traction lock, and mabey a bigger
    mass air and TB.
    But, I'm not really sure that my car will need those Iteams for the
    performance level I wish to achive with it.

    My real performance car If my 5.0. I just wanna mess with the
    better looking newer V6 that I use as my daily driver.

  17. I completely understand what you're saying. My point is that I may not even bother doing anything else to my car, depending on what kind of job I have in a couple months. I'm graduating college in less than a week so hopefully I'll be making more money now than the 4 grand I've been making over summers. Sure, with more money I could do more stuff, but I'm going to have to decide whether to leave the stang and move on to something that's fast to begin with. (Like a viper :D) I won't be putting the cam in till at least the spring sometime so who knows, maybe by then I'll have money laying around and I'll spend it on new heads and some p&p'ed goods. Time will tell I guess.
  18. buying heads are cheap like 600 bucks .... you will get a TON more power and you can home port your intakes... a game will net you 20rwhp... where if you get heads and cam and intakes you are looking at 60