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  1. i have a 95 gt and was thinking about up grading my cam. as far as motor mods i have cobra intake, cold air, 73 mm mass air, and pullies. i was wondering what kinda of numbers you guys were pulling with just adding the cam. the cams i was looking at are the fms E cam, trick flow stage 1 cam and the steed # 19 cam. oh yea i want to be able to make good power on and off the bottle. thanks.
  2. Taking the stock cam out and replacing that with a new one is not worth it when you still have stock heads and intake. Sure you are going to make more power with a different cam at the cost of A TON of low end torque. With the stock 2.73 or 3.08 gears your car has, your going to floor the car and its not going to move until about 3000 RPMs with an aftermarket cam. You would spend close to 400 bucks swapping just a cam because you would need to upgrade the valve springs and all that other stuff. That money could be used for way better things - gears or an intake manifold. Those will give you more low end torque, and the top end power that nitrous and an aftermarket cam would give you. The stock cam really isn't THAT bad. I'm going to replace mine when the time comes, but you really don't need to replace it until a set of aftermarket cylinder heads are used.

  3. I would agree with the heads, which is why i'm doing the cam and heads together, but you HAVE started good with the cobra intake, cold air, mass air. Cam and heads will give you a pretty good overall combo, and i'm sure you're on a budget, and possibly emissions, like myself. I'm going the E cam, simply because of the CARB number i get with it so i don't get hassled later if necisary, and besides, it IS a Ford product. I hear good things about the steeda 19 also, but i never really hear too many people putting in the trick...
  4. listed below is a list of all of my mods. im in the process of getting a neal chance racing converter that will stall up to 3500 as well. i just wanted to put a cam and headers in as well to help wake the car up.
  5. first off you dont need such a high stall, 2500 to 3000 max, and youll need an oil cooler for the trans because ill will overheat it in a heart beat during any kind of driving especially hard driving. second you are better off installing 1.7 RR's. you 'll be dissapointed after all the hard work of installing a cam alone, unless minimum GT40's cast iron or +. I ran the trick and its a very nice cam, but like i said you'll need heads for best results. Try equal length headers or pulleys. good luck
  6. Remember that with the E cam you'll need a chip for the computer. Factor that into the cost :D.

  7. also if you are using nitrous, you'll need 114 to 116 lobe separation on the cam for the best results
  8. cams suck on stock heads :banana:
  9. I just installed a E-cam in a 94 Cobra bone stock except for the shorty headers, bassani X and 2 chamber flows, 3.55s. That fricking car came alive, no idle or driveability problems in traffic. They should have come from the factory with that cam in them. :nice:
  10. Thats my Prob now, Im not sure which cam to go w/, I have a Cobra Intake thats going to be ported by TMOSS in the spring to match my TW Heads when I get them. Ive been leaning towards the Steeda #19 but Id like to see what kind of power gains come from it as well VS other cams.
  11. trick flow stage 1
  12. I had a Trick Flow Stage 1 in my 1988 hatchback, and it's a strong cam. Sounds mean at idle too.
  13. anyone else have any Info on the Trick Flow Stage 1 cam? I'll prob end up choosing between that and the Steeda #19
  14. If your gonna spend the 200 for the steeda cam, why not spend the extra 125 and go with a fti custom cam.
  15. Not necassarily, it just depends on the car. LT1's can get upwards of 30rwhp with a cam on stock heads.
  16. More specifically -- for a 5.0 with stock E7TE heads, a cam is a waste of effort. For a 5.0 with stock GT40 heads (read: Cobra), a cam will give better results (especially since the Cobra cam is very mild).

  17. that was sarcasm :rlaugh: :bang:

    we are talking stock E7s here this isnt a camaro forum... and you can get even more power with an LS1 cam only car. there are "cam and bolton cars" in the 10s
  18. i have the tfs stage 1. its is a really good cam and very inexpensive as well. you may have some computer issues because of the 112 lsa though.

  19. If I spent that much on a FTI Custom cam would I still be able to use it w/ a turbo application down the road?? Thats my plan a yr or so a 347 or 331 stroker w/ a turbo.