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  1. Unless you get Ed to grind you a cam that would work well with both a turbo and N/A, then no, you would want to get a better cam to maximize performance. A cam that can be used for both will not maximize the N/A or Turbo performance. Turbo cams are the complete opposite of an N/A cam. Steeda would be a great turbo cam, but would be no where near close to maximizing the N/A performance, however, the choice to use the Steeda in an N/A application is very understandable.


  2. See thats where I run into a pot hole, I dont mind spending $200 or less now for a good cam that will give me good HP gains N/A and haveing to go w/ anohter cam down the road when I go turbo. I dont want to spend the money on a Custom Cam if it cant be used for a turbo as well b/c thats alot of money to just throw away, and who knows I many never actually get to the turbo part on my car so going w/ the best cam N/A for now is my best bet but at the same time not trying to spend more then $200 on one.
  3. Yea that Trick Flow Stage 1 has a very mean idle to it. I just put one in my 94, and I love it. I was really expecting idle troubles but after 3 days the EEC learned to cope and man does it sound bad ass and drives pretty well, doesn't really like to be under 1500 rpms when in 4th or 5th when lugging around town, but I also don't have a custom chip.
  4. If you're definitely going turbo in the not-to-distant future, then I would get a custom ground turbo cam. It's not like you will get bad N/A performance -- it just won't be ideal for maximum power.


  5. If I do go turbo it wont be until next yr 2005 at the earlyest if it ever does happen. The Trick flow Stage 1 sounds good, Id love to have a mean Idle. Is there anymore comments on the Steeda #19 cam? or is this like trying to compare the Steeda Tri AX VS the Pro 5.0 Shifter?