Can a 429 go in a 69 M-code Mustang?

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  1. My dad and I purchased a 1969 M-code Mustang fastback that has a 302 engine in it currently.

    We also purchased a 1972 M-code Mustang Fastback that had a 429 in it, probably not original, and were hoping to take the 429 out of the 72 and put it in the 69.

    We talked to a guy who said it would pretty much be impossible because the 69 doesn't have the staggered shocks in the back, meaning the tires would just spin, and that the weigh of the engine wouldn't allow for the front tires to turn properly.

    Does anyone know if this is true? And if so, what mods you had to do in order to get it in there?
  2. You more will have issues with fitting the 429 into your 69, as it's too wide. You will have to modify the shock towers.

    As for out back, there are many traction bars and other methods to help hook it up to the strret. Staggered shocks to not guarentee traction. my 428 could light 'em up easilly, and it was a factory drag pack.

    As for the engine, how strong is it? It could be a boat anchor to a monster......
  3. Someone has no idea what they're talking about.:doh: Many have done this before including Ford (69/70 Boss 429)

    I think you might actually be able to fit the a non-boss 429 without modifying the shock towers but it will be tight. Regardless, there's a company that makes pieces for modifying the shock towers, can't recall who though. Search the different mustang forums for 429/460 and mod motor swaps.
  4. You can fit a 429, not a boss 429, but a 429 or 460 will fit. Regarding the staggered shocks in the rear; that's one way to improve traction. There are lots of other ways. Don't let one persons opinion on traction and motor weight be the deciding factor.