Can a 66 C-code Mustang be a GT ??

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  1. Hello, I thought 1966 GT Mustangs had to be a A code or a K code. Is it possible that a C code got a GT package from the factory?
    The car is a 66 convertible with a C code in the 5th digit. It appears to have all the GT equipment including a 4V intake and carb. There is no serial number on the block and no engine ID tag.
    The owner bought the car this way 9 years ago and was told it was a GT and he always thought it was. I looked at the car and noticed the C and now we both are confused.
    Any info would be great, thanks in advance, Tom.
  2. All factory 65/66 GT's were A or K codes. It's likely the GT styling parts were added by PO's or could have been added on by the dealer as this was very common back then. Some key things to look for that are rarely added to GT wannabe's are:

    Reinforced floorpan exhaust hangers - just pull the rear seat and look for the internal reinforcement plates on the floorpan for the hangers

    Factory front disc brakes

    Must be HCC-AX steering box if manual steering. HCC-AW box if power steering

    Reinforcement plates in the rear frame rails for the dual exhaust

    Should not have rocker panel trim
  3. Thank you very much, we will start with looking for those hidden clues.
    Thanks again!!