Can A Lady Get An Opinion? (13 Gt Exhaust)

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  1. Hi everyone, newbie here from the Philadelphia area. I belonged to this site years ago when I owned my first 5.0 and have returned now that I have rejoined the 5.0 owners club.

    I purchased a 2013 5.0 with 3.73s and brembos and plan to leave it relatively stock (for now). I think we can all agree these cars are way too quiet from the factory. Exhaust is the first must-have on my list, and I have spent hours on YouTube listening to axle back exhausts and can't make up my mind.

    Has anyone done just cat-delete and what are your opinions of the end result? I am looking to go loud but not waketheneighborsup loud. I have only been able to find cat-delete videos with axle back exhaust. If you don't have experience with cat-delete, I'm open to all suggestions or advice for this chick who's just getting back on the horse for the first time in a few years. ;)

    Thanks - and if this has already been discussed please redirect me.
  2. I noticed with mine that it sounds better after about 2000 miles or so. I like the sound of the GT500 mufflers, but I can't justify $300 + install for just noise (no real HP gain), when I'm saving up for new wheels + tires! (Wide, sticky tires for track day fun!) ;)

    Enjoy your new car!
  3. I dont know anyone who has gone the cat delete route, but seems like a loud and cheap fix for noise. I imagine you can find a bolt on xpipe that would fit the stock pipes. However, if you dont want your check engine light to be on megan, you will need a tuner to allow your cars computer to run the engine properly with no cats. They run about $380. So much for cheap :(. But you can use it for tuning any future mods later on, so it has lasting value.
  4. ^ what he said
  5. If you just want sound I'd just go with an axle-back set. Borla Touring Exhuast is nice and won't waketheneighborsup. Note though that anything Borla is expensive but it sounds really good.

  6. lets see if that works... Thats my car, with my custom exhaust, taking off from 70 on powertour. What you're hearing is the motor is going from approx. 4k to redline. I got to 100 (which is the top of 3rd for my car, i have 3.31 gears). I bought a set of stock mufflers off craigslist, cut them apart and took out all the baffling. I welded 3" exhaust piping in place being careful to preserve the original dimensions, then hung it back up. It cost me 40 for the extra mufflers (which I bought incase i screwed it up or didn't like it) and about $12 for the piping. Everything else is stock.
  7. oh thats a 2012 btw
  8. that's awesome
  9. Thanks, I love that car, it's my baby...
  10. I put GT 500's on mine. Usally find them on ebay the cheapest, I think I paid a $100. Next will be get rid of the resonators.
  11. I have Flowmaster American Thunder Classics on my 2012 GT. Still catted and everything, only axle backs installed, and it sounds great. You get that deep rumble, but no popping. Plus, it is not waketheneighborsup loud. I love them
  12. Man....sound is so objective, I doubt you're going to be disapoined with any of them. Be aware though...with aftermarket sound, also comes aftermarket exhaust drone. If you're alright with that...then have at it. conservative with your choice. Exhaust drone will drive you bonkers if you're sensitive to it.
  13. I was going to buy a full pypes catback for mine, but just didn't have enough money so I decided to just go to my local muffler shop and get the mufflers cut out and I love the sound of it. Not as loud as I would like, but I believe when I do the resonator cutout it will be perfect. I do not get much drone either. With the windows up cruising at 60-70 I barely notice it.
  14. I just have the Borla S-type axle back, and they sound great! Everything else is stock
  15. I have to say that I love the Borla Attacks that are on my 2011 Saleen 302. The car came with them from the factory and they are amazing. They will give your Stang a very exotic sound like no other. You will love them
  16. If money is no object,
    I would do Corsa's
  17. I just installed Flowmaster Outlaw axelbacks on my 12 5.0 and they are ridiculously loud over stock. Its borderline obnoxious, to be frank. They are AWESOME though. If you're looking for a deep and mean sound, i would say you should get the outlaws. They do pop a little on de-accel, and in-cabin noise is noticeably higher. Nevertheless i love them! :D
  18. An axle-back is what you may be looking for. I hear (extreme pun intended) that the GT500's and the Borla AB exhausts sounds excellent with almost no drone.
  19. Not sure of OP still cares but here's what I've gathered while searching for an axleback exhaust. I found you're really going to get 3.5 levels of sound:
    1. Louder than stock but tame - GT500 axlebacks with resonator delete
    2. People are going to hear you coming and going
    A) low rumble - Borla S-Type or the FRPP Sport (made by Borla and I swear its the same thing as the S-type)
    B) higher pitched more euro/ricer sounding - Roush Axleback
    3. Your neighbors are going to despise your very existence - Borla ATAK or any Flowmaster Outlaw/straight-through/muffler-delete