Can A Lady Get An Opinion? (13 Gt Exhaust)

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  1. Last year at the Ford Nationals many vendors had there exhaust on display and on cars, The loudest and best sounding in my opinion is the Borla Atak, but if you don't want to spend that kind of money, or are on a budget I recommend Pypes Axle Back, many places have it for under $300 and you can install it your self. I have it on my Boss 302 and I love it. The Ford National is in June if you can wait, go and listen for yourself and Borla was doing free installation there too! Good luck !
  2. I make the Ford Nationals in Carlisle Pa every year.
  3. svt gt500 axleback with free shipping from AM
  4. i have ford racing exaust sounds pretty mellow nice tone note to it.
  5. I went with the Borla ATAK catback system, and i must say I have never been happier with an exhaust in my life... It is not too loud if you are at an idle, or at highway speeds there is no cabin drone. If you go WOT it sounds amazing, people will be looking from blocks away to see what kind of beast is coming down the street. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone looking for exhaust, the videos on youtube do no do it justice. Pay the extra money, you will not be disappointed. I get tons of compliments and comments on it everytime that I am out and about.
  6. Jaret, did you get a chance to listen to the Borla S-Type live? I love the tone, but concerned about the volume.
  7. I haven't had a chance to hear the S-type in person, but my friend has it and is really happy with it, it is a little more mellow than the ATAK. Another one you should check out on youtube which sounds amazing is the stainless works exhaust, it might be a little too loud though, I just think it sounds so awesome.