Can An Aod Handle 500rwhp

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  1. I am on the fence about what trans I want to use for my 91 vert. I am planning on making around 400rwhp. I know the stock aod will not last long with that match power. Has anyone bought any of the aod's online that claim to handle 550hp on eBay. Any suggestions on where to buy a trans will be appreciated.
  2. My 1st AOD was in the car when i bought it...unknown to me what trans it was but the car had a supercharger behind it when i bought the car then i sold the blower drove it a yr or so on the motor then bolted up a blower again...drove it another yr..then i did motor work and a turbo trans lasted another it must have been built pretty decent...When that trans went i bought an Art Car C4 had it in all summer great trans but i missed the OD i now have an Manaul VB Lentech...there supossed to hold some decent has all the bells and whistles...It has thr 300m hardened input shaft etc etc..if you go to buy one I would Check Freddy brown i hear great things about them..Oh my car thru the Orignal AOD i had...put down close to 500 rwhp on a safe tune and it lasted a yr...but like i said i have no idea who built it and dont even know how many miles was on
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  3. Oh i saw your sig...this trans was a decent when it was a all motor..and still speed density with 3.55s on street tires i ran 14.0 at 95 mph with a 2.0 and my car is also a convertible...
  4. Yeah my fastest has been a 14.3 @96 so far.. Crappy 2.1,2.2 60ft times. I am going turbo, this is the major reason for keeping it automatic. I have a 5 spd conversion sitting in my garage with everything needed, but I have blown up a stock t-5 and a g force t-5 with 300rwhp already so the t-5 is not really a good option.
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  5. Yeah mine is a turbo and Autos work great with the boost loss between shifts pulls like a freight would look into either Lentech or Freddy Brown or a sliver fox trans...he builds some nice stuff too...
  6. only guys i trust to do an AOD is lentech. not saying the other guys cant but i know for sure lentech can!
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  7. According to what I read, an aod is upgraded and becomes a 4r70w, when we're talking factory. I am running one behind the turbo 6 I'm building, and its rated to handle the 500 rwtq I'm planning on making, w/o the need for a computer, or tv cable to control it.
  8. Are you using a baumann controller? I thought about this, was gonna run the 94-95 computer to control it if I went that way.
  9. No, I have decided to use s trans go valve body modification kit. After modification, I'll have to manually shift it, and use a button to put it in od, and lock up the converter. For 203.00, I can do alot of manual shifting.
  10. Just lock it up in od? When you hit the button to put in od does it lock automatically?What shifter are you using? Does this work with a stock aod shifter?
  11. I have the same thing but mine is a Lentech VB...and trans.i have a manual VB I use a B&M shifter made for the AOD fits the stock console manually shift the car 1st...2nd...3rd...when you want OD you hit a switch it put it in nice...when you don't want OD anymore you turn the switch off....
  12. If built correctly, an AOD can definitely handle that much power and much more. What I would do is pick a specific builder and google it. See what experience others have had.