Can any one identify this transmission?

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  1. I pulled this transmission off a fuel injected 2.3 mustang. ID tag reads 78ET BA FO 6H 22G. It is a four speed manual. Would like to know what years of Mustang it will fit. Thanks and happy holidays. Bob
  2. That is very unssual. The EFI mustang started in 87, and they all got the T5 which is a 5 sp manual. If it is indeed a 4sp manual, I would guess it is the SROD. They came on earlier manual 2.3's I beleive (which were all carb or carb feedback).
  3. intresting to find that in a Fuel Injected car..

    Late '83GT models were converted over from the SRODs to the Borg-Warner T5's...I don't know about the 2.3L's
  4. I sat tomato you say tomato.............. you know, matoe and mahto , jeez , I guess that ones does not fly on the internet.

    Anyway, my point is......

    One guy say fuel inection. One guy says EFI.

    See where I am going with this.

    Fuel injection started in 83.

    EFI started in 87.

    So which is it?

    Three guys walk into a bar.

    The forth one ducks.

    Is this thing on?
  5. Mustangs had mechanical fuel injection?
  6. I diden't know this either..
  7. it was a bizzar carb feeback system with an O2 sensor.
  8. CFI.

    Pretty normal stuff actually.

    GM even used it until the 90's on their trucks (some of them)

    Some people like to call it Carbed fuel injection. ITs actually Central Fuel injection.

    It was used from 83 on some of the 2.3N/A's (option and I think standard in Canada?) , 3.8's, As well as the 302's. Until 85 on the 302 and until 86 I believe on the 3.8's.
  9. Oh! those stupid electric carbuerators? My dad used to have a linclon Mark7 that had one of those. Wasn't terrible I guess, It works like speed density right?
  10. Ooh I wonder if I could use the one from the mark7 (it's resting in the yard). Did the 2.3's have the same as the 302s? that'd be a big carb for a 2.3

  11. haha.

    My moms '84 Caddy Sevile had Fuel Injection. It had the same looks as a carb, same air filter cleaner and everything.
  12. IIRC 1985 Mustang 2.3L was carb

    In 1986 they had a EFI and a Carter YF 1BBl carb 2.3L. Mine was the 1bb Carb version. THE EFI version was IIRC speed density.

    And I have seen a 4speed EFI 2.3L car. But it had the evil 4speed that had the external shaft on the side.

    Wasnt that the German "Hummer" 4speed?
  13. where i live i believe we call those 4 speed tranny's "rock crushers" almost takes 2 hands to shift. i could be wrong though
  14. well if its the SROD. its really not that bad shifting. but if your use to a T5 trans, the SROD will def feel displaced. the SROD feels higher, taller and farther away from you...its werid going back from T5 and SROD :\
  15. hmm 4 speed, my brother's 79 capri rs has a 4speed (currently plotting to swap witha t5), carb'd...i havent seen an efi 4 speed though :shrug: