Can anyone tell my the build date from my VIN?

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  1. My data card on my 65 Mustang is messed up around the date code section. I'm trying to find out the correct date code so I can order a new data card.

    I know that there is a book that has consecutive VIN numbers that would give me this info but I thought instead of paying $25 for the book, I might ask someone on here that might have already bought the book.

    My VIN number is 5R07C127024.

    The data plate reads:
    65A J 25 XXX 71 3 6

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. your car was built in the 60's

    jk man sorry i cant help you. there are plenty of places where you can decode your cars numbers. off the top of my head i know mustangsplus has something
  3. If you can find the book "in search of mustangs" for 1964 to 1966 you can closely guess by comparing your vin sequential numbers to others listed in the book, for the same assembly plant/model year.I have the book but for 67 to 73 mustangs hope this helps
  4. Thanks, the book I was told about was Mustang Production Guide Volume 1, which was written by Jim Smart back in 1993. I haven't had any luck finding that book so I hoped someone here might have it and would be able to look up my VIN.
  5. Warranty Number: 5R07C127024
    Year: 5= 1965

    Plant: R= San Jose, CA

    Body Series: 07= 2 Door Hardtop

    Engine: C= 289 2v V8

    Unit: 127024= 127024

    Miscellaneous Vehicle Data
    Body: 65A= 2 Door Hardtop, Standard Interior

    Color: J= Ragoon Red

    Trim: 25= Red Crinkle Vinyl, Standard Interior

    Date: ????

    D.S.O: 71= Los Angeles

    Axle: 3= 3.20:1, Conventional

    Trans: 6= C4 Automatic

    I retreived this much for you off this website

    Hope that helps you some :shrug:
  6. 1965 San Jose car 5R08C129910 was built August 18, 1964.
  7. That's interesting. While my Mustang has some 64.5 features (The fresh air vent on the drivers side is marked with a White "A", Door handles and Window cranks are held by concealed spring clips, not allen-head screws, and no reverse lights) it is definately a 65 and therefore must have been built after July 31st. So I guess it was built between Aug 1st and August 18th.

    Can anyone help me narrow it down?
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  8. According to the Mustang Production Guide, the two cars around your VIN of 127024 are:

    5R07C126857 - scheduled build date 07H (August 7, 1964)
    5R08C127143 - scheduled build date 11H (August 11, 1964)

    Based on the other cars around that date, I'd say your car would be safe with a scheduled build date of 08H (August 8, 1964). Interesting that it's a very early '65 San Jose car. Remember, San Jose started their '65 VIN sequencing at 125001.
  9. Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for. :SNSign:
  10. Using your numbers for a Tuesday 7 Aug car and a Saturday 11 Aug car, it averages out to about 75 cars a day. My guess would be either a late Thursday 9 August or an early Friday 10 August car for that VIN.
  11. That's not quite right. 127143 seems to be a production oddity; it's scheduled build date of 11H is out of line with the others in the guide. Here's a few cars before and after the VIN in question, and you can be the judge regarding what date it should be:

    126623 build date 07H
    126700 build date 07H
    126857 build date 07H
    127143 build date 11H
    127193 build date 08H
    127369 build date 11H
  12. I was looking over a 65 Mustang that I'm considering buying, but couldn't locate the data plate. The VIN is 5F07T797627...does anyone one know when the build date might have been?