Can I beat you guys????Me vs. 03 Cobra who wins?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by BlueOvalStangGT, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. Hey theres like a big thing going on if my car can beat my freinds 03 cobra and I was wondering what you all think. Im pushing about 12-13 pounds outta my s-trim, with stock internals. No tune yet because my exhaust needs to be welded back together after I put my longtubes, hence why I cannot race him right now. The rest of my mods are in my sig/cardomain page, all he has is a MAC catback and he dynoed at 392 RWP. Whos the victor?Mines a 5 speed btw @ 3250 pounds
  2. he's got you beat...

    he has that low end boost that helps out a bunch not to mention DOHC which also helps out a bunch.
    slap on a set of stickies and let us know what happens.
    if you are racing for money I would recommend you find some one with another 03 to test with first.

    psssst. sweet ride.
  3. thanks man, i need to get my car working soon. it sucks riding in my freinds car or whatever and seeing all these potential races. yesterday i was in my freinds teg(bolt ons 15.5,) and he just got this rice body kit, a fart can and altezzas and we rode up to a fox body with a sticker in his back window so i just laughed and gave him the thumbs up. dont worry im training the kid with the teg to lose the rice, already got him to buy the stock 98+ lights and and new muffler.
  4. DOHC, low end boost...its some arbitrary stuff that doesnt really matter. What matters is how much power hes making. Youve got the advantage because your car is much lighter. He has to have over 40rwhp more than you to overcome your weight advantage and more to beat you. I say you stand a pretty good chance.
  5. When I first bougth my 03 Cobra, I still had my supercharged 1995 Mustang GTS. I had GT-40Y heads, Cobra intake, Steeda #19 cam, full exhaust, and all the little bolt-ons. To top it off, I had a Powerdyne XB-1 (similar to S-trim performance) set-up for 11lbs of boost though with the powerpipe I was seeing 12-13lbs depending on the weather. Never got to the track with it but it dynoed 470/420 rwhp/rwtq SAE. The car weighed about 3200#'s and would easily pull on my almost stock 03 Cobra (raced the wife a time or two) with nothing but a cai and catback. I still believe it would pull on the top end even as my Cobra sits right now. It didn't have the low end but above 4000rpm, it pulled like a freight train. The hp curve simply outclimbed my Cobra's. Not sure what heads you're running but I will put my money on your car, at least on the top end. He might own you in the 1/8th but after that, if driven properly, you should take him.
  6. Yikes, im no where near 470 hp. Im hoping for at least 360hp but a guy in the 94-95 forums has a car with very similar mods and hes putting down 392. I have stock heads/cam
  7. Sorry but I'D have to go with the 03 cobra,unless the 03 cobra is stock ,then it might be a drivers race :flag:
  8. Well with stock heads, it might go Cobra. If the Cobra is pullied, especially with a 3.1" or lower, it will be all Cobra. A good set of heads, blower cam, and tune will make your car scream.
  9. cobra is stock except for a MAC catback, supposly
  10. I think it would be a pretty close race. You are probably putting out around 320rwhp range. The cobra has more power but it also weighs a probably around 300lbs more. From a dead stop race I think you could take the cobra with you DRs. Get a good launch and you will put some easy lengths right on the car from the beginning. Now if you go from a roll I think the cobra might have you. From the 03s that I have driven once they get going they just take off.
  11. really?? only 320 hp? thats no fun. 13#'s has got to give me more then that no?
  12. Has your car been tuned on a dyno? Since you don't know your numbers, I assume not. You're out to lunch without a solid tune on a 94-95. With stock heads and no tune, I'm thinking the Cobra (all else being equal) can take your car.
  13. Tune is coming within the next week
  14. I'm thinking possibly 330-350 RWHP, in your ride. If he even has a catback it's good enough for about 20HP on the Cobra. I don't think you would be able to take him unless you come out first hard, make him panic and miss a shift. Goodluck, and update us on how it went. A tune will benefit you tremendously. :nice:
  15. I had a 95 Cobra with a 8pound Ford Motorsport blower, Headers H pipe and cat backs with a good tune and I was at 330 rwhp. :D

    I think in your case it would be a driver’s race. I have seen several 03 owners running high 13’s out at the track due to poor driving. :nonono:
  16. Not completely true, HP doesn't always win races. Being a good driver does though...I've beaten a few 03 Cobra's that have had close to 100rwhp on me, but they didn't know how to drive the car....Sure in the hands of a good driver they would blow me away most likely, but you can't say that hp is what matters at the track...I've been beaten by bolt on fox body mustangs before and they are about 60-70rwhp less than me...driving and traction are what usually matters most at the track...add Hp into that mix and then you have a fast car...
  17. Well ya I pretty much assumed he was not talking about which driver was better. The question was a car vs car question so I went with it.
  18. Tuning in then. Good luck. :nice:
  20. WOAH!!, raced him tonite. THIS IS W/O a tune and the MSD Boost Retard at 2.5. He wouldnt race from a stop but we did race from a couple rolls. Actually we did race from a stop but it didnt count cuaase it was wet. We went through the intersection like sideways and it was just funny(if that did count i won). Then we raced from like a 40 and i got the jump and beat him till like 65 and he let off. THEN we race from like a 10-15 and again i pull on him through 1rst-2nd (put a car on him) and then 3rd I stopped pulling on him . As I shifted to 4th he then flew by me. Im going to go buy another belt tomrowo(right now its shredded to a 6 rib instead a 8) and mabye that will bring me back to 12-13 like before. Its only boosting like 9-10 right now. Right when I started slowing down we saw lights up ahead and then I read SHERIFF across the back of the SUV. That was pretty scary bt neither of us got a ticket. Today was actually the first night he wasnt a little cocky **** like usual.