Can I buy only front lowering springs ? Pro Kit not enough for me in the front

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 68 & 00 GT, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. I want my front end to be lower in the front than it is right now. I have an Eibach pro kit already, but I want the front only to come down another inch or so more. I'm satisfied with the rear ride height, in fact with a full tank of gas my car seems tots up in the front, so I think I'll be OK to lower the front only. Considering something like H & R SS front springs.

    Any suggestions ? Places to buy, front springs only ? :shrug: -
    Thanks -

  2. You can get Steeda X2 balljoint kit it will lower the front 1/2 inch
  3. I'd look into the balljoint kit...

    Also, it seems to be riding pretty high to have springs on it....

    Just get Fox Body 4-cyl. springs on the front.
  4. I would just go ahead and put Sportlines all the way around it :nice:
  5. I thought sportlines are too low :shrug:

    Here's another pic of my current ride height. I have long tubes so ground clearance has to be an issue for me.

    Maybe on the ball joints - :nice:

    My car must have been very low on gas in this pic. since the ride height looks pretty good. Still want it a little lower in the front. I love the look like todays featured ride but afraid to go that low b/c of my exhaust, and being a daily driver. Do ball joints change alingment ? What do they run ? Where to buy ? Hard to install ? Just in case. Thanks - :nice:

  6. Are your front isolators still on?? Take them off for another 1/2 inch.
  7. I don't think so, but I had them installed. How can I tell ? Is it just a black rubber looking ring that sits under the spring between it, and the LCA ? If so I don't think I have it in still.
  8. taking the isolators off will make a little noise from what I've heard. Best bet is to put the steeda ball joints on without the spacers. I did. I got the Intrax springs (2") and it sits just right now.

  9. Yep. That's how I want my car to sit :bang: and my rear ride height is not much different than yours -

    Your ride height looks perfect. :hail2:

    Will another 1/2 inch lower in the front get me there with ball joints ? Also anyone know if they change alingment ? I don't have / need CC plates right now.
  10. Why don't you just cut a little off of the front springs? That's what I'm going to do with my Pro-Kit.
  11. Just curious, what is your ground to fender heightfor the fronts? FWIW, mine was 27 1/8" after putting in Pro Kit.
  12. I think that screws up the ride quality pretty significantly. I managed to get some spring clamps on them once, and liked the ride height, but it made my front end float like a boat car. That's also how a lot of ricers end up so bouncy, and harsh on bumps. I wont try that option.

    Don't know. I'll measure it in an hour or so, and post it up. :nice:
  13. i'll check the ground to fender height when I get home tonight.

    And anytime you work on the front suspension, it's a really good idea to get the alignment done. ESPECIALLY after changin the balljoints. it requires you to remove the spindle which sits on top of the ball joint.

    If you do decide to change ball joints, be patient and bring a small sledge hammer. They are a HUGE pain in the ass to get out. I literally beat my old ones into several pieces getting them out. :D
  14. That depends on how much you cut off. Let's say I want a half inch drop and cut a quarter of a coil. How much is the spring rate REALLY going to go up? Stock front is 450 lbs. Pro-kit's are what.. 500? Ford's C springs are 650, and many people run them. I'd be suprised if a half coil raised it more than 50 lbs. Yes, it's going to change the spring rate, but it won't affect ride any worse than another set of springs that are provide a half-inch shorter drop anyway. Plus, what do you have to lose if you're pulling them anyway? Just my 2 bits.
  15. Good point. Just seems with my clamps on before my car floated in the front.

    Do the ball joints require anything else to go with them other than alignment ?