Can I Bypass My Heater Core Without Removing The Quick Connects?

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  1. I don't want to cut the quick connect fittings off my heater hoses, because I plan to replace the heater core eventually. But, I need to bypass it now. Can I use one of the Dorman heater hose quick connector fittings to connect the OEM hoses, or do I need to temporarily replace the existing hoses without quick connect fittings? And, if I can use the quick connector, do you know which size I need?
    2004 V6, 3.9l
  2. nobody home? :)
    Somebody has to have some heater core experience in here.
  3. You can do it any way you like, no experience with your specific model though. Hang tite, someone will chime in. Its a bit slow round here due to holiday
  4. Thanks for responding, madspeed. I was just trying to figure it out before I went to town for parts and/or wrestled with those hose clamps between the engine and firewall. :eek:
    Anyway, for the next curious customer, the hoses are 5/8" and 3/4". The Dorman, Help! 3/4"x5/8" hose connector does not work with the OEM quick connect fittings.
    So, I replaced my stock hoses with a 1' length of each size, clamped with existing hose clamps, and connected together, bypassing the heater core, with the Dorman quick
    connector, clamped with screw-tight hose clamps. The hoses are a bit long. I actually could have probably gotten away with half the length of 5/8" hose, but I didn't cut either
    and tucked them in between the A/C bottle and firewall to keep them away from the exhaust (EGR?) tube. I got a lot of good info on the site, just not the particular question
    that I asked here, so I ain't hatin'. It seems like this crap always happens on a holiday or in the middle of an ice storm. LOL Whatever, I'm just glad to not have to worry about
    more coolant in the carpet and happy to wait a little while before replacing the heater for the THIRD time in less than a years. This last one started leaking withing four days of
    the installation. :bang: For a component that is such a chore to replace, these parts are VERY poorly made. I could see the solder joint where the tube attached was very
    poor quality and expect to find it broken when I get around to removing the POS.

    (eta: I just noticed my question lacked info above. I meant to ask whether I needed to replace the existing hoses [with new hoses] without quick connect fittings. LOL oops)