Can I Do 2" Springs And Still Go With 18" Saleens?

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  1. I've seen a fee foxes with 18" saleens but all are factory height. I just cannot imagine this. If it came to dropping back to something like 17" cobra R's to get it dropped 2" I'd do it, even tho I LOVE the chrome saleen wheels. Car has to be just a tick low. Has to!!!

    If you have or have seen pix, please post. Thanks in advance.
  2. You can get chrome Saleens in 17's. That's what my car has. 18's and a fox are gay
  3. Plenty of pics of my gay car in my gay signature, lol.

    While they are real saleen 18 inch speedlines, not replicas, still similar enough for sizing.
    2 inches is probably too low regardless of your wheel size.
    1.5 is plenty, trust me.

    Use the eibach pro lowering kit, good handling, fair price, just the right amount of lowering.
    Should give you similar results to what mine has.
  4. Call me gay but that red stang is awesome.
  5. 2 inch drop is going to be too much on a street car, seems like my steeda springs settled in at like 1.75 and started out at 1.5 drop and the front wheels were tucked in nicely on the 16 inch ponys. If your going to lower it that much better figure in changing some other things to keep the steering geometry right.
  6. Ive got 18s 255s front/275s back lowered with steeda springs. No rubbing issues at all but those springs are around a 1.25" drop.
  7. 18" looks good if its done right...definitely can't do it at stock ride height IMO... Will look like a truck. A 2" drop with 17s will be a problem with rubbing. And of you are doing a drop, you might as well figure in the cost of some decent cc plates or else your tires are going to be eaten up. I have eibach sportlines with 17" wheels. I have the isolators installed top and bottom and I get no rub. Running 275s out back and had roll the fenders. Good luck w the 18s. image.jpg
  8. I prefer 17's ( car has 18's on it) not much left in the 17" wheel selection anymore.
  9. I'm afraid I'll have to disagree with you on this one....


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  10. I you want to drop it coilovers are the way to go. A little pricier and not as easy as just swapping out some springs but it's worth it in my opinion to get it down. I like the way 18's look on a fox, I would think about going from 17 to 18 on my car. I have coilovers on 17" 10th annv wheels

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  11. I prefer 17's

  12. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1368895642.845325.jpg friends old car , rubbed at full lock and had 94/95 rear but deff doable

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  13. Not a fan of the "copper top" battery look, but love the stance. :nice:
  14. mob why don't ya spraybomb that front bumper cover already?:stir:
  15. I'm in college living alone and broke so the car really just sits in the garage, rarely comes out :/ I do think I'm going to take it off and just spray it primer white at least for now. It may be a year or more before I could get it painted although I want to paint the whole car not just the front.
  16. Krylon gloss white is a damn near match. just saying
  17. I'm just messin with ya man, I love your car and the stance it has, as I have mentioned in the past. But yeah, that is what I was getting at, just sand that cover down a little and throw a spray can of dupli-color on it and it would look so much better. Also if it were me, I would just mask everything off as opposed to taking the bumper cover off again. I did the same thing as I can't afford to get my car painted. 2012-07-06_12-10-01_616.jpg
    This is my old '91 four banger, when I repainted the bumper cover. 2012-07-06_14-48-57_960.jpg
    ...and how it turned out, you could tell obviously up close, but from 20 feet away, it looked good. And yes, that is a fizz can job on the bumper cover and the driver's fender. You can see it in the reflections...
  18. My apologies to the OP for changing the subject in the thread...:runaway:
  19. Everyone on Staten Island new that car as the Duracell car lol , was a 331,c4, 76mm turbo car !

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