Can I drive a 2004 Cobra in the snow?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by onrailz, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. I was wondering if I can drive a 2004 Cobra in maybe 3-6 inches of snow if necessary. Should I put Blizzaks on it from December through March? Does this car have so much torque that it would make no difference?
  2. Personally, I would garage it over the winter and get a cheap $1000-1500 front wheel drive beater car to drive in the snow...
  3. Yeah, that is what I may have to do...
  4. Don't even try it man, its so eassy to loose control of it. Even if you put 400 lbs of sandbags in the back with 15 in winter wheel rolling on blizzaks, it still wont be as good as a cheap truck or FWD car. Plus, who cares if you tear up a beater, thats half the fun. MY beater is a '91 jeep XJ 4x4 and its great for its purpose. Get a beater! :)
  5. hehehe, i'll tell you in a couple months. Shouldn't be an issue though, I drove my GT all year round. All you need is good set of snow tires, some weight in the trunk, and a light foot.
  6. And a lot of luck :D

  7. Sure you can. But, the bigger question is "Would you really want to?"

    I also recommend the "find a cheap beater" solution. :nice:
  8. A guy my wife works with tried to drive his home from work last year after an unexpected snow. He didn't even get out of the parking lot before deciding that he'd rather spend the night there.
  9. What is this stuff you call snow? Come to the South where you can enjoy your ride 24/7/365. :)

  10. Luck???? I'm Canadian. We have winter 11 months of the year, its all skill baby! :p
  11. I have done it, and would not do it again. Spun the car around twice at less than 40 mph, one of which was on Interstate 80 in Ohio. I can not emphasise enough how badly this car sucked in the snow. I don't know what difference snow tires would make, but I can't believe it is enough. I grew up in Illinois, so it's not like I never drove in snow either. I just would not do it again.
  12. I don't recommend it. Driving a 390hp car in the snow ain't really a good idea. One of my friends tried with a stock 90' GT with Blizzaks. Never did that again.
  13. Go with the front drive beater idea.
  14. It rarley snows down here in GA but when it did I drove my old 88 and 93 gt's in the snow. Didnt go that well. I have a 99 cobra now with traction control but I dont know what kind of difference that would make. Get you an old f-150 4x4 to play in the snow.
  15. I ran my 2001 Cobra year round here in the Denver area and with the second set of rims outfitted with Blizzak's it did extremely well. I am guessing if others had trouble with those tires on there they were just a bad driver. My Cobra got around better than our front drive mini van on all season tires. I would agree that a beater car makes the most sence BUT if you can't do it then rest assured a great set of snow tires will help a ton. They, of course, don't keep the other driver from clobbering u!
  16. Get das beatah
  17. Running stock tires in even 1/4" of snow will get you stuck or spun, its literally one of the most dangerous things you can do.

    Proper tires make all the difference in the world. This winter I'm cramming a set of 235 ice tires on my stock rims and it will be good to go. :nice:
  18. just think of all the salt you'd be getting under your car, thats why cars from the north are always rusted out
  19. Undercoating, rust protection, and regular washing. I've never had any rust on any of my cars. :shrug:
  20. I did it...ONCE! I only live like 1/5th of a mile from work. It was snowing, couldnt get my beater out of the back-yard, decided to take Cobra in, its not far at all, I can see my work building from home. I didnt spin, but I really couldnt get above 10mph w/o the car wanting to slide around. Got to work, drove home in slush/sand/salt and vowed to never do it again.

    Now remember I only went less than 1/2 mile roundtrip. This spring when I was giving the car a super-clean, I took the front wheels off and was cleaning inside the wheel wells and you wouldnt believe the amount of sand up on the little "shelf" behind the struts. I was pulling it out by hand, at least a cup or more of sand and rocks. Couldnt believe how much was up there.