Can I find out what Month/Day my car was built?

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  1. I know our VIM numbers don't include that info, but I didn't know if you could use the build order/serial number. Does anyone know? I was just curious to see exactly what day mine was built. Thanks for the help! :nice:
  2. Build date should be on the sticker on the inside of your drivers door jam.
  3. Gotcha...forgot about that. March '02. Thats as close as I'm gonna get huh? No way to find out the day right?
  4. Why....not running worth a damn, or falling apart on you and you've got the feeling it was built on a Monday after, or the Friday before a weekend? :D
  5. Nah :) Never really had a problem with her. Just curious I guess.
  6. post up the vin and I might be able to get you a day
  7. VIN is:


    I appreciate the help Randy! Just let me know! :nice:
  8. Get the candles ready, birthday is comming up :D


    RandyStinchcomb, hope you don't mind me having posted it.
  9. WAHOO!!! She's getting wheels/tires for her birthday! :nice: Thanks for all the help.
  10. That is too cool!
  11. oasis is a wonderful thing

  12. never, I welcome the help:nice: