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  1. I just put some MMD hood struts on the car and eliminated the hood prop rod. I don't know why I am so thrilled about these things but I am. Why in the world did Ford not put these on in production? Such a minor thing makes all difference in the world, if you spend time under the hood.
  2. Well congrats!

    Now get a blower and see how excited you become.....
  3. Got one already. Was too excited to talk about that when got it.
  4. Are those the ones American Muscle sells?
  5. They are the ones from American Muscle. And Noobz, you are right. I don't know how to post pics though. I'll figure it out and see about getting a photo or two on here tomorrow.
  6. Going to try to post pics. Also, I know my car is filthy right now especially under the hood.
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  7. Wow that's nice! And just in time for the Fun Ford Weekend! Are you going?

    I see you are from STL

    Nick C.
  8. I'm hoping to get out there, even if its just for a little while. Had a pretty good time out there last year. Picked up my tubular k member for a pretty sweet price. Are you going to be out there, maybe a stand for your company?
  9. We will be 2007 GT will be our demo vehicle, they are putting all kinds of awesome lighting products on it for the show. I'm thrilled to go, we've been going to lots of import focused shows, it's about time I get to see my fellow mustangers lol

    -Nick C.
  10. I intend to get out there sometime in the morning to early afternoon. I'll be sure to stop by if I make it out there.
  11. Look for the big Diode Dynamics tent with a bunch of bright lights on display, we will be there at some point today. Gotta take care of some important things at the office first!


    Nick C.
  12. I stopped by the tent but your co-workers said you were off looking at a Daytona or something. The car looks great man. I like the LED treatments on the headlights. Left shortly after though, me and my lady were starting to get a little red from the sun.

  13. Thanks! I just wish everyone could have seen it at night, the red looks sooo mean!

    It was such a hot day! We had a blast though, looking forward to taking the stang to more events now

    Nick C.