Can I make a 5.0 handle?

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  1. If you have the coin to get a trickflow kit and rebuild a bottom about rebuilding the bottom end of a 351 and tossing a HCI on that? More cubes!!!! Similar price and it drops right in.
  2. also extra weight, if i were the OP i would do as much as i could to keep the weight down, even if it means sacrificing the extra power
  3. My 351 based build ended up being alot lighter than the stock motor. A 351 with aluminum heads weighs the same if not less than the factory motor with iron heads. Realistically you're talking about an extra 50 pounds in the block. You wont even notice it there with all the extra HP and torque you'll be making.

    After removing smog and a/c and dropping in my 351 based 383 my front end actually sat an inch higher than it did with the old motor in.

    Like i said you'll notice the extra power before you notice any extra weight. An extra 50 lbs so you can make a 408+ ci naturally aspired motor that puts out 500hp pump gas is worth the 50 lbs. What are the n/a 347 guys making?? just under 400??? and they have a weaker block they have to worry about possibly splitting. for 50 lbs you get strength and a larger motor with more power.

    And BTW thermostats are much easier to change on the 351 since the right bolt isn't behind the water pump. The 351 is easier to work on period because things aren't so crammed.

    Sorry about the derail and i dont want to turn this into a 302 vs. 351 thread. But theres alot of 347 guys that deep down inside wished they had gotten a 351. Stroker kits cost the same for 351 and 302...and a Machine shop rebuilding the motor charges by the cylinder not by the engines displacement.

    Make your next move your best move :flag:
  4. well that just goes back and forth, how much weight will you save if you did all the mentioned to a 302, and i have seen N/A 347's make close to 500hp, sure he'll notice the extra power first but he's def gonna notice the extra weight on the front end in the turns, an aluminun headed 302 striped bare and an aluminum headed 351 stripped the 302 is always gonna weigh less
  5. I would rather give up some power to keep weight off the front end of the car. If it were a front-mid engine car I might not mind a little extra weight. I would like to see some hard core numbers on the different engine mods. Another thing to think about (and it may not matter) is that I want to stay with FI. I do not want to have to switch to a carb.