Engine Can I Run An E303cam W/ A 347 Stroker Crank?

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  1. there it is guys can i run an e303 cam with a 347 stoker crank....is there a better cam for that set up or should i go 331? i want to stroke my pony whats the best way. input please! Thanks Guys
  2. and how much hp/torque can my t45 handle?
  3. Yes you can

    Depends on how you treat it

    Why on earth would you go to the trouble of building(?) a 347 and then throw an E-cam into it? :shrug: Go to FTI's website and fill out their cam form.
  4. Yes, you can run the E303 cam in a 347 but why would you want to do that except if you desperately need to save money by avoiding a cam change? A custom cam is the way to go and I'm sure Ed Curtis, Jay Allen, or Buddy Rawls would fix you up with one.
  5. can you, yes. should you, no.
  6. IF you run 302 parts on a 347 you will get 302 rwhp numbers lol .. Your heads ,cam and intake need to be upgraded with a 347 to get that 400 rwhp mark
  7. yeah i have edelbrock performer heads. i want to go with a trick flow street intake and now that i see all the input a custom cam...are there any cams i can just find on the web that would work well with a 347? and where is that stroker crank going to put me with the proper cam in rwhp. Thanks Guys
  8. +1000 on what everyone is telling you. If you don't have the money to spend on a 347 top end, don't bother wasting money on a 347 bottom end. E cams are really only good as nostalgic table legs for your living room. Edelbrock performer heads barely qualify as 302 heads.

  9. What heads do you suggest i go with?
  10. I would say AFR185s or Trick Flow 185s. There are a lot of good mid level heads that will work really well.

  11. I ran AFR 185's, Holley Systemax Intake, Custom Comp Cam, 70MM TB, Pro-M 80MM Mass Air, 30lb Injectors, 1-3/4" Ceramic Long Tubes w/ 3" Collector, MAC 3" Prochamber, MAC 3" Cat Back. Over do it on your 347 and it will respond with huge numbers. Put 302 stuff on a 347 and you'll get stock numbers.


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